Conservation Tips

Madison Water Utility led an effort to develop a comprehensive water conservation program for the city. Our Water Conservation and Sustainability Plan looks at a variety of things the city and its residents and businesses can do to reduce our impact on the water resources that help make Madison such a great place to live, work and play.

Where your water goes

Pie chart comparing indoor water use

Toilets alone can account for 28% of a family's indoor water use. In the early 1990s, that number was over 40%. But thanks to initiatives like our Toilet Rebate Program, people are upgrading to more efficient fixtures and appliances.

Home conservation tips

Looking for leaks

Image of dripping faucet

In 2011, Madison Water Utility caught 652 customer leaks representing more than 76 million gallons of water pumped from the local aquifer. Our new Advanced Metering Infrastructure now allows our customers to track their own day-to-day water use, helping them spot costly leaks and usage spikes.

If your water use seems unusually high, you could have a leak inside or outside your home. Here are some tips on how to check for common household plumbing problems that could be costing you water.

Quick Conservation Tips

Quick Conservation Tips

Good Practices

  • Install water-saving devices: Aerators for kitchen and bath taps, flow regulators for shower heads and toilet tanks, and high-efficiency toilets to reduce the amount of water used in every flush.
  • Use automatic shutoff attachments on hoses, and don't let the water run unnecessarily while washing the car or for other outdoor uses.
  • Use the most efficient settings for dishwashers and clothes washing machines. Full loads are often the most efficient. When it's time to replace appliances, consider water efficiency in your choice.
  • Think of practices and habits that might be changed to make a difference. Can showers be shorter? Sidewalk and driveway swept rather than hosed?