Toilet Rebate


Low-to-moderate income homeowners may be eligible for toilet installation assistance through our Home Water Conservation Program. Find out more.

Program Overview

Madison Water Utility is offering bill credits of up to $100 for customers who replace high water using toilets with EPA WaterSense-rated High Efficiency Toilet (HET) models. The program is a key part of MWU's sustainability initiative to protect the deep-well aquifer that supplies the Madison area. Toilets eligible for rebate must be HETs (which use 1.28 gallons per flush or less) and must be on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense list. The program is limited to one rebate in the form of a bill credit per household or apartment unit for residential and multi-family customers. Commercial, industrial, and public authority customers are limited to 20 rebates in the form of bill credits per property address.

Note: Beginning in 2016, toilet rebates will issued as bill credits


  • Participants in the program must be customers of Madison Water Utility, and the installation address must be in the customer service area of the utility.
  • Residential and multi-family customers are limited to one rebate in the form of a bill credit per household or apartment unit.
  • Commercial, industrial, and public authority customers are limited to 20 rebate bill credits per property address.
  • Eligible replacement toilets must be HETs listed on the EPA WaterSense website ( For commercial, industrial, and public authority customers, only toilets purchased after January 1, 2016 will be eligible.
  • Rebates are for replacement of existing larger-capacity toilets, and are not for new construction.
  • In cases where the toilet purchaser does not pay the property’s Madison Municipal Serv­­ices Bill, a rebate check will be issued. Examples include some rental property owners whose tenants pay their own water bill and condo owners whose water costs are included as part of a homeowners’ association fee.


To apply for the rebate, you must submit the following:

  • For toilets purchased directly from a store or retailer:
    Original itemized cash register receipt, original credit card receipt, or sales invoice indicating the make and model purchased, cost, and method of payment. (You should keep a photocopy for your records)
  • For toilets purchased through a plumber or contractor:
    Original itemized invoice from the contractor, indicating:
    • Make, model, and cost of each toilet
    • Payment has been made in full and zero ($0) balance remains; invoice should be stamped or noted “Paid in Full”.
  • A completed Toilet Rebate Application form

These items must be mailed or delivered to the following address:

Madison Water Utility
Toilet Rebate Program
119 East Olin Avenue
Madison, WI 53713


Owners may install the toilets themselves, or they may hire a plumber or contractor to do the job. Owners are responsible for proper installation and associated costs. Installation may be subject to verification by water utility personnel. Toilets may be purchased at any supplier as long as they are on the WaterSense list of HETs.

Rebate Bill Credits

Bill credits of up to $100 (not to exceed actual purchase price) will appear on the customer's Madison Municipal Services bill after applications are processed. Please allow four to six weeks. Rebates are not available for the costs of installation.

Disposal of Old Toilets

Replaced toilets should be disposed of so that they cannot be re-used. This can be done by placing them at the curb for pick-up by the Streets and Recycling Department.

For more information, call the Madison Water Utility at (608) 266-4651.

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