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Open Space Park Event Permit

The Open Space Park Event Permit is for small, private park events that are requesting to reserve a specific open space in a Madison park without a shelter reservation and fit the permit criteria.

Permit Criteria

  • Expected attendance less than 200 people.
  • Not a fundraising event.
  • Not an advertised event.
  • There will be no vending.
  • The event will not take up extensive space in the park. The rest of the park must be accessible to the public.
  • Must adhere to the PA requirements if requesting an amplification permit.
  • No more than one temporary structure permit allowed.
  • One-day event only.


Please submit the Open Space Park Event application at If you have questions about the permit or if you want to check on the availability of a park, you may contact the Community Events team at, (608) 264-9289.