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Bike Parking

Want Bike Parking?

Let us know if the terrace in front of your business would be a good place to install bicycle parking facilities. Do you see an evidence of need? Are bicycles currently being locked to street signs, parking meters, light poles, in front of your business? If yes, then contact us.

Is Your Business Eligible?

  • There is no off-street parking available
  • The terrace between the street and sidewalk is ~5 feet or wider
  • The terrace is concrete (The bike racks need to be bolted down)

Is there a Cost to the Business Owner?

There is no cost to the business or property owner. Bike racks will be installed as city funds are available. All we ask is that you keep the bike racks clear of obstructions so they can be used by your customers.


Contact the Bike Parking Program, (608) 266-4761