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Beavers, Demetral Bike Path, Brush Collection

March 30, 2017 1:52 PM

Beavers in Warner Park

We have recently received a few emails concerning the trapping of beavers in Warner Park. 

Beaver1  Beaver2 Beaver 3

A resident recently contacted Madison Parks to make us aware of beaver activity in and around the Warner lagoon. Staff inspected the area and noticed that more than 12 trees around the lagoon had irreparable damage or had recently fallen due to damage.

In assessing the trees and shoreline, staff determined that the damage was recent and caused by beavers. Staff also determined that a number of trees that had not fallen would need to be removed as they were in a hazardous condition and location for dogs and people using the park. In addition to the tree damage, beavers often build dams near the outlet structure to Lake Mendota from the lagoon.

This will create flooding across the park, especially during large rain events, and could alter the land use over the intermediate term by raising the water level of the lagoon. In the past couple of years we have had the water level rise at this location to near the bikepath due to beaver activity. A lack of water flow to the lake could also contribute to the hypoxia/anoxia conditions of the lagoon by limiting the flow to the lake which increases the likelihood of a large scale fish die off. Trapping is conducted by a WDNR licensed trapper and only to the extent necessary to mitigate the hazards of tree death, shoreline damage, and flooding.

Some questions that have been asked include:

The type of trees

  • In reviewing the site, a number of the trees are ash and mulberries. Unfortunately, beavers are not very selective in the trees they damage. City staff do not have a full inventory of what has been damaged as of today, but all trees in the area that are of the desired size for beavers are potentially at risk with an active beaver population.

Beaver Family structure

  • Beavers normally give birth to new kits in May-June in Wisconsin, so the youngest beavers present are likely juvenile yearlings. The city if trapping now to avoid any issues with young beavers.

Public input

  • Trapping is a longstanding wildlife management practice that the City has used when necessary to address issues such as habitat damage.
  • In the specific case of the Warner lagoon there has been discussions on the issue of beavers as it relates to their ability to dam the outlet to Lake Mendota.

Drowning traps are barbaric

  • The Wisconsin DNR does not recommend live trapping and relocating of beavers. If a live trap was used, the beaver would still likely be euthanized. It is highly unlikely to find a suitable alternate location as the issue of flooding is a concern in many water habitats.

Is trapping legal?

  • Yes. If a private resident wanted to trap on our lands we would require them to get a City permit, which requires approval by the agency managing the land. In Parks, during the last eight years, we have not issued such a permit for private trapping for sport. The only trapping that has occurred has been at our direction for the purposes of removing wildlife that was adversely impacting the land, water and ecological balance of the parkland.

Pennsylvania Park - Emerson East Renaming Voting

From the Emerson-East Neighborhood Association: A month ago we asked for suggestions for a new name for Pennsylvania Park and we were happily overwhelmed by the response. Thank you to all that participated in the online discussion. We have collated your suggestions and are now asking you to vote for your favorites.

Please take a minute to vote.

Madison Recyclopedia 

We have a new Recyclopedia. There's a very handy and searchable PDF on our website that can be found on the main Streets Division website.

If you would like a printed copy, you can request one by contacting the Streets Division office that services your home (or aldermanic district). If you are east of S. Park Street, the number to call is 608-246-4532.

Demetral Path Phase 2

Over the last several years the City has made efforts to improve the connection from the Madison's Northside to the Downtown. One of those efforts has been improvements to the Demtral Park Bike Path and the path through Pennsylvania Park.

We have worked for a few years to make a connection between these two paths behind the PDQ and through the two lots across Third Street.

Our original plan took extensive land from Occupy Madison. That was ultimately rejected and a plan to cut through the adjacent building's parking lot was created. This plan is essentially "Alternative 4" in these materials. This plan would not affect the Occupy Madison land.

During the design phase, there has been a proposal for another option, to route bike traffic along East Johnson and Third Street, essentially creating a shared bike/pedestrian path. This is labeled "Alternative 7" in these materials.

At the last Board of Public Works meeting, there was a discussion about the plans and a decision was made to push a decision to the next meeting, which will occur on Wednesday, April 5 at 4:30pm in Room 108 in the City County Building. You are invited to attend the meeting, or you can take a survey online to collect information about the various options.


  Alternatve 4 Alternative 7
Construction Cost $48,800 $82,800
Real Estate Costs $415,000 $88,000
Total Costs $463,800 $170,800


Alternatve 4

Alternative 4


Alternative 4 Overview

Alternative 7

Alternative 7


Alternative 7 Overview


Curb Side Yard Waste and Brush Collection Begins April 3, 2017

Finally, Madison, the weather and the calendar both show that it's spring. And it's time to get outside and reclaim our yards from winter. Starting on Monday, April 3, the Streets Division will begin our curbside brush and spring yard waste collection services.

Please note that as in years past there are only two guaranteed collection opportunities for curbside yard waste collection in the spring. Upon completion of the second collection round, curbside yard waste services cease until the start of the fall leaf collection season. Curbside brush collection will continue through the spring and summer before ending later in the fall.

As in years past, crews will not follow a set schedule for these collections. On April 3, brush and spring yard waste crews will begin collecting in the areas of the city that has a Monday refuse collection day. Once crews have finished collecting from each street in that area, they will move into the area of the city that has a Tuesday refuse collection day. Upon the completion of the Tuesday district, crews move into the Wednesday district. Crews will continue to rotate through the city in this manner for the duration of the collection seasons.

What Is Yard Waste?

Yard waste is considered leafy plant material. Examples include pulled weeds, fallen leaves, and garden debris. It also includes pumpkins, crabapples, black walnuts, pine cones, and even twigs that are less than 18 inches long. For a full list of restrictions, visit the Leaf and Yard Waste section of the Streets Division website.

Yard Waste Collection

Crews will complete two official rounds of curbside collection of yard waste before ending for the season. Material set out after the second round of collection will not be collected until the start of the fall leaf collection in late September.

Residents wishing to utilize this service are encouraged to set material out prior to crews arriving into their refuse collection area. For daily updates on where the crews are collecting, residents should visit the Leaf and Yard Waste section of the Streets Division website and use the Collection District Maps. Directions on how to use the maps are found on the website. Residents can also call the leaf and yard waste hotline at 608-267-2088 for weekly updates and estimates on collection times.

How Should People Pile Yard Waste for Collection?

When setting out yard waste, residents can pile the material loose on the terrace or curbside. Do not place it in the street directly.

Residents can also place yard waste into open compostable paper bags, or in open plastic bags. If bags are used, they must remain open at the top. Do not cinch, tie, or otherwise close the yard waste bags.

Also, do not mix yard waste and brush together into a single pile. Brush and yard waste are processed differently, and are collected by different crews, so they must be kept separate. Piles that have yard waste and brush mixed together will not be collected.

What is Brush?

Brush is woody material likely trimmed from trees or bushes that is longer than 18 inches, but shorter than 8 feet long.

Brush Collection

Crews will pick brush continuously throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. Brush collection will end in late September when the personnel is needed for the fall leaf collection. The actual end of brush collection and the start of fall leaf collection is weather dependent. Future updates will be provided to announce the end of brush collection later this year.

Residents wishing to utilize this service are encouraged to set material out prior to crews arriving into their collection area. For daily updates on where the crews are working, residents should visit the Leaf and Yard Waste section of the Streets Division website to utilize the Collection District Maps. Directions on how to use the maps are found on the website. Residents can also call the brush hotline at 267-2088 for weekly updates and estimates on collection times.

How Should People Set Brush to the Curb for Collection?

Brush should be set out with the cut ends facing the same direction. And please take care to pile the brush neatly so workers can collect the material quickly without risk of cutting their hands or arms.

Do not place brush into containers or bags. Please do not tie brush together wires, or mix other material with it, such are rocks or metal. For other restrictions, please visit the Brush section of the Streets Division website (

Residents are again reminded not to comingle brush and yard waste. Piles of mixed brush and yard waste will not be collected.

Special Note About Contractors

Brush will be collected if it is cut and set out by homeowners or residents only. Brush created by contractors need to be disposed of by the contractor. Contractors are also barred from using the resident & taxpayer only drop off facilities to dispose of the brush. Contractors can use the brush processing facility at 121 E. Olin Ave. to dispose of the brush they create. The website for the processing site is

Drop-Off Sites

Residents and taxpayers can also use the city of Madison drop off facilities. Brush and yard waste can be brought to 1501 W. Badger Rd. or 4602 Sycamore Ave. The drop-off site at 402 South Point Rd. can only accept yard waste.

All three drop off sites are currently open seven days a week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the sites are open 8:30am to 4:30pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the sites are open 8:30am to 8:00pm. These hours will remain in place until December 3, 2017.

Residents and taxpayers are restricted to one load a day. The load should be the equivalent of one pickup truck full, or an 8 foot by 4 foot trailer. Residents and taxpayers attempting to bring in more than this during one trip will be denied access and directed to the brush processing facility at 121 E. Olin Ave.

All users of the drop off site are expected to show proof of residency or taxpayer status to use the site.

Again, contractors are barred from using the drop off sites to dispose of materials.

For more information regarding the drop off facilities, please visit the Drop-Off Site section of the Streets Division website. For more information for all Streets Division services, visit


Madison Public Market Vendor Survey

The long-awaited Madison Public Market is moving closer to reality. Plans are coming together and the project is expected to be under construction in 2018 and open in 2019. The vision is to create a vibrant, diverse, year-round market that supports entrepreneurs, strengthens our food system, and builds community.

The City is looking for entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, makers, chefs, bakers, cheese makers, brewers, butchers, or anyone else with a dream of starting or growing a business at the Madison Public Market. If you're interested in being part of the Public Market as a business, please complete the Vendor Interest Questionnaire.

The Vendor Interest Questionnaire is for informational purposes only. It will lead to a more formal process for vendor selection and leasing. Don't worry if you don't have the details to answer every question and feel free to leave some parts blank. For now, we just want to know who you are and learn a little more about how you envision being part of the Public Market.

In addition, to ensure that the Public Market fulfills its mission of cultivating diverse entrepreneurship, the City is also launching the "MarketReady" Training Program. The MarketReady Program is a training, technical assistance, and small grant program designed to help potential public market startup businesses. The program will focus on reaching a diverse cohort of early-stage entrepreneurs. By providing a combination of training, one-on-one business coaching, peer support, and opportunities to compete for startup capital, the goal is for participants to start the program with just an idea, and leave with a business that is poised to succeed at the Market. More information about the MarketReady Program will be released soon.

If you have questions about the Public Market or about the Vendor Interest Questionnaire, please contact Dan Kennelly at 608-267-1968 or

If you have questions about the MarketReady Program, contact Mike Miller at 608-267-8721 or

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