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Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan (OMSAP) - BRT UPdate

June 21, 2020 9:39 PM

Dear Neighbors,

As you know, the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan (OMSAP) is going through the feedback process. So far, it has been presented at the Transportation Policy and Planning Board (TPPB) and the Parks Commission. Below are the details of what happened in those two meetings and please note, as noted at the end of this message, there is another meeting this week on Tuesday (6/23) and Thursday (6/25) that I recommend you attend (via Zoom).

Transportation Policy and Planning Board (TPPB)

The Transportation Commission approved the OMSAP with several recommendations. The most significant recommendation was about Coolidge Street. The motion was approved to provide full access for bicycles and limited access to vehicles. The Commission did not mention what exactly limited access looks like.

Parks Commission

On May 13th at the Parks Commission meeting, several residents supported protecting all 31 acres of land. After hearing residents' testimony and staff analysis the Commission asked the staff to provide more information and referred the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan to the June 10th Parks Commission Meeting. At the June 10th meeting the Parks Commission accepted the City proposed plan with the comments for the Plan Commission to review Alder Abbas' proposed plan and address broader concerns of the residents.

Sustainable Madison Committee (SMC) (June 23rd)

On Tuesday, June 23, it will be before the Sustainable Madison Committee (SMC).  The meeting will start at 4:30pm. Information on how to participate, including registering for public comment, can be found on the SMC meeting information page. Please send your comments and feedback to, and

Housing Strategy Committee (HSC) (June 25th)

On Thursday, June 25, the plan will be reviewed by the Housing Strategy Committee (HSC), also starting at 4:30pm. Information on how to participate can be found on the HSC meeting information page. Please send your comments and feedback to and

Future meetings are anticipated to occur on the dates and times below but are subject to change.

  • Plan Commission (lead) – June 29, 5:30 pm
  • Community Development Block Grant Committee (informational) – July 9, 5:00 pm
  • Common Council – July 14, 6:30 pm


BRT Update

As you know, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Phase 1 project (East Towne to West Towne) is moving forward. Much of the east side BRT service along East Washington Avenue would not be operational until 2024, at the earliest. However, there are interim modifications the City is planning to do prior to the full BRT opening, in order to speed up bus service for today's local Metro routes.One of the areas where Metro would like to speed up service is along East Washington, in the westbound direction, between STH 30 and Seventh Street. At this time, there are three travel lanes and parking is allowed adjacent to the curb. City Traffic Engineering would like to restrict parking in this area, to allow buses to move faster through that part of East Washington Avenue. According to Metro and Traffic Engineering the parking is rarely used in this area, and City officials feel there would be minimal impact on businesses along that stretch.


Please review these two sets of drawings with a couple of alternatives for the lane markings. The Transportation Commission will be reviewing this concept at this Wednesday, June 24, 5:00pm, Zoom meeting. Information on how to participate can be found on the Transportation Commission page. The Agenda item would be 16 and legislative file number is 61012.


Stay Well! 




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