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Alder Barbara Vedder

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Alder Barbara Vedder

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District 12 Blog

The Anatomy of A Decision

September 30, 2015 12:22 AM


It's now approaching six hours of debate, presentation and questions about the Judge Doyle Square (JDS) proposal. There have been testimonial from the city's negotiation team, the public, the developer and Exact Science.

While some information is repeated, there is new information or new perspectives presented. With eighteen Alders, opinions vary. And when we get to the "Committee As A Whole" I'm sure that each side will make their last, best argument.

I have no issues with Exact Science, and I applaud the Hammas Company for their working relationships with both the Building Trades union as well as Unite Here! The proposal includes both a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) and and a Labor Peace Agreement (LPA), which would be the first in Madison.

I've received some email asking about my last blog on the topic and how I will be voting. There seemed to be some comments about not being specifics or finality on how I would vote on your behalf.

I take this privilege very seriously and I believe that the process, and this includes the council discussion, is important and going into any vote with too much certainty will lead to bad decision.

This "morning" there may be amendments. I don't know for sure, but I suspect there will be amendments to significantly change some parts of the funding package. I won't even begin to understand the impact to the proposal, but I'm sure there will be concern the proposal just won't work.

These amendments could substantially change the deal for the City. Some might make it better, some might make it worse. But each should be given consideration by my fellow council members. As originally presented, I am unable to support the proposal, and I've explained my reason.

However, with amendments this proposal could change in such a way that my objections could be removed. Or there may be new benefits that would overweigh the negatives. I don't know, nobody knows but that's why as your representative I need to be able to process new information and modifications as they come.

Over the past eleven years that I've been in office, there have only been a few instances in these very significant votes that I absolutely know how I will vote. I just don't think you are well represented by someone who is always absolute, who isn't listening to your voice, who isn't willing to compromise (look at our US Congress) or be able to use new information to inform their decision.

Right now I don't know those modifications and how these changes will affect my vote. I do know that I continue to look at ways to make our city the best it can be, for us and for our future.


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