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The vision for the Madison Public Market is a place with a mix of food retail, wholesaling, and processing, arts/craft vending, community uses, and events in a culturally diverse and dynamic public space.

Until recently, the Madison Public Market has been nothing more than a vision.  In October of 2015, the Madison Common Council Approved the Madison Public Market Business Plan.  This plan was the culmination of a three-year effort that engaged thousands of community members, stakeholders, and prospective Public Market vendors and users.  The Business Plan sets the overall direction for the Public Market.  The Public Market will be located along First Street near the intersections of East Washington Avenue and Johnson Street.

In March of 2016, the Madison Common Council approved the Public Market Implementation Strategy.  Building on the Business Plan, the Implementation Strategy lays out five key "Work Elements" essential to bringing the Public Market to fruition.  These work elements include the governance and operations of the market, the funding, the design of the site and the building, and the continued development of prospective Public Market Vendors. 

The City and the Public Market Committee (the Local Food Committee) is now advancing each of these work elements.  The timeline is for the Public Market to be designed and financed in 2017, under constructuion in 2018, and open in early 2019. 

It is important to note that this business plan is just focused on the public market building.  The City's long term vision is for the public market to foster a "market district" with related businesses co-located in the area.  Moreover, the public market is part of a City economic development strategy focused on supporting the creation of jobs and businesses by building on Madison's strong and growing food-based economic activity.

The following are links to key background materials and final reports.

PUBLIC MARKET IMPLEMENTATION STRATEY - Approved by the Madison Common Council in 2016, the Implementation Strategy lays out five key work elements needed to move the public market forward (governance, funding, design, vendor development, and momentum building).  This Strategy is currenlty guided the City's work.  

PHASE 3 REPORT - FINAL PUBLIC MARKET BUSINESS PLAN - This is the final business plan for the public market. 

PHAE 2 REPORT - SITE SELECTION ANALYSIS - The second phase of the businesses planning effort focused on selecting a site for the project.  This report summarizes the analysis that lead to the site selection

PHASE 1 REPORT - MARKET ANALYSIS - The first phase of the business plan was vendor outreach and market analysis.  This report summarizes that process. 

STAFF REPORT ON THE MARKET DISTRICT CONCEPT  - The City Staff created this report to accompany the business plan and describe how the public market project fits within the city's broader vision for the a Market District and stronger regional food system.

PUBLIC MARKET EQUITY ANALYSIS - Directed by the City Council, the City's Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative (RESJI) team and the Economic Development Division staff applied the City's recently-developed Equity Tool to the public market project to evaluate its impact on communities of color and low income populations in the City. 

If have questions about the project, please contact: Dan Kennelly,, 608-267-1968

Last Updated: 11/03/2016

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