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Merchant Selection Process -- Be a Part of the Madison Public Market!



The Madison Public Market will have a variety of vending opportunities for businesses of all sizes. From large, restaurant anchor spaces to temporary small booths, the Public Market will support vending opportunities for 130+ businesses every year.

The 30 permanent vendors for the Public Market will be selected by the Madison Public Market Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization that will operate the Market. To date, only 5 Market Merchants have been selected. For the remaining 25 permanent vendor spaces, a list of criteria and a selection process will be announced at a later date. Until then, interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to complete an online vendor interest form.

Businesses that complete this form will be notified when the selection process is announced. The Madison Public Market Foundation will also invite businesses on this list to participate in their pop-up markets and other promotional events once we are beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please use the vendor interest sign-up form at the link below:

Madison Public Market Vendor Interest Form

If you have questions about merchant opportunities or the selection process, please contact:

Last Updated: 01/10/2023