Ambulance Rates

2022$1,410$1,410$16.00 per mile
2021$1,275$1,275$16.00 per mile
2017 – 2020$1,075$1,075$16.00 per mile
2016$1,000$1,000$16.00 per mile
2013 – 2015$900$1,000$16.00 per mile
2009 – 2012$600$700$12.50 per mile

Mileage is based on miles from the point of pick up to the hospital (round up to whole miles).

Generally health insurance, Medicare, or Medical Assistance will pay all or part of the cost of an ambulance trip. For any unpaid amounts after insurance, the City of Madison has a waiver policy based on income. With any questions about the waiver policy, call City of Madison Finance at (608) 267-8630.

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