Tactical Emergency Medical Services

The Madison Fire Department’s Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Team is a group of 12 Paramedics who have been trained specifically to accompany the Madison Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team when they are deployed to high-level risk calls such as high-risk warrants, standoffs, etc. Members of our team work hand in hand with the Police and this cooperative effort gives both Departments better knowledge of how the other operates, and what to expect at an incident. TEMS medics are able to provide immediate medical care to an injured person at the "last point of cover" which means we are trained to move further into a given incident yet still be protected by the SWAT team. We assist MPD in the monitoring of their personnel and are also able to provide medical knowledge at the scene to assist in decision-making processes, based on a patient's potential needs.

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