The Engineering Division created the Watershed Study Learning Hub to help answer some of the commonly asked questions from the public. In response to feedback in the Watershed Study process, the Engineering Division Stormwater Watershed Study Team created pages to answer any questions about the City’s approach to the Watershed Studies. If you read through the pages, and still have a question, please email        


Learn the terms the City of Madison Engineering Division uses when explaining any part of the process. Read a list of words with definitions to better understand the Study process.

Watershed Study Process

Step-by-step we walk you though the different technical parts of progress within a single Watershed Study.

Public Involvement and Outreach

Each study has a set number of public meetings and opporutnities to engage, collaborate and share information with and from the the general public. We want to hear your feedback to use in the studies.

Conceptual Projects that Come From the Watershed Studies

Learn about what projects have moved to construction so far in the Watershed Study process.

Project Location Considerations

Once studies are complete, the information can be used to help plan for future projects at the City. The information is used to decide where those projects are most appropriate. Read about the list of considerations before that decision is made.

Funding Process

Stormwater infrastructure is very expensive. Each project is carefully planned in construction, which includes funding. We walk through the process of making sure the projects are financially supported.

Understanding Types of Flooding

From street flooding, lake level flooding and other flash flooding, understanding why areas flood, and how that happens begins with a little stormwater education. Read and use the Engineering Division's maps, storymaps, videos and more to understand the difference between some of the flooding scenarios.

Storm Infrastructure Basics

Gray pipes are not the only option when working toward flooding solutions for a problem area that experiences regular flooding. Learn about how the City uses as many options as it can which may include: ponds, greenways, green infrastructure and more.

Green Infrastructure/Water Quality/Ecological Information
Groundwater Impacts
Property Owner Resources

Stay Connected

There are so many resources! Resources include City Engineering’s Flooding Website, Report Flooding form, Facebook page , and podcast . Many of these locations include a link to sign up for City flooding updates. If you have any other questions, please contact Hannah Mohelnitzky, City Engineering Public Information Officer, or 608-669-3560.

Printable Watershed FAQ PDF