On-Board Rider Survey Begins April 1


Your Participation is Appreciated! 

Starting Monday, April 1, the City of Madison is conducting a Metro rider survey. Surveyors will be out riding fixed-route buses and asking Metro passengers to fill out a survey, which includes questions about themselves and their trip. Look for surveyors wearing yellow safety vests and 'Field Surveyor' ID badges.

Paratransit riders may be asked to complete a survey from their driver. Metro drivers will not have surveys.

passenger waiting for bus at Sun Prairie Bus Stop


This is an on-board rider survey, which means that surveys can only be completed by active Metro riders who receive a printed, paper survey on the bus. Paper surveys can be completed on the bus during the trip, or mailed back to us after they have departed. Completed paper surveys must be given to surveyors, not Metro drivers. 

Each survey has a unique ID number and a QR code so that it can be completed online if desired, but it requires that the unique code be entered to connect the responses to the bus route and time that the particular survey was distributed on.

Responses will help us understand how the new redesigned system is being used, as well as identifying routes and areas with higher proportions of protected populations for Title VI and service planning purposes. Data gathered from this survey will also be used by the MPO for long-range planning.


The survey will run through much of April during various days of week, times of the day and areas of the city. We appreciate your participation! 

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