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A number of services will be available to help you learn about and get ready for Metro’s redesigned system before it goes online in June of 2023.

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Sidewalk Repairs and Pedestrian Improvements

Staff are inspecting sidewalks, crosswalks and boarding areas throughout the proposed new service area. ​​​​

Pedestrian improvements, including the installation of new sidewalks and various repairs, will be done in certain areas as needed to ensure a safe and accessible boarding experience for everyone.

If you have a concern about a particular sidewalk, intersection or boarding area, please call (608) 266-4466 or email MetroRedesign@cityofmadison.com.

Travel Training

Metro Ambassadors

Once a final redesign plan is in place, Metro will begin hiring travel ambassadors (trainers) to help riders learn and navigate the new system.

Starting this summer, ambassadors will staff tables at events throughout the community, conduct group training sessions, and be available to answer any questions or concerns. Once the new service goes online, ambassadors will be out on the streets and riding buses to help make sure everyone gets where they need to go.

If you’d like to set up a group training session or have staff attend your community event, call (608) 266-4466 or email MetroRedesign@cityofmadison.com.

Metro Call Center Staff

Additional call center staff will also be hired prior to the service change so that all rider questions can be quickly and efficiently answered by email or phone.

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ADA Complementary Paratransit Service

Paratransit service may be an option for those who find that some trips are no longer accessible with the new system. To ride paratransit, an individual needs to fill out an application and set up an in-person assessment with Metro staff.

Application Criteria

  • You must have a disability.

  • Your disability must affect you in a way that the bus is inaccessible to you because of physical barriers such as stairs, no curb cuts or distance, or cognitive or sensory issues that impair navigation of the system.

  • There are no criteria for income, residency, symptoms, or mobility aid.

For some individuals, some trips are accessible and others are not.

Metro encourages use of both systems if you are able.

Application Timeframe

Once Metro receives a completed paratransit application, Metro must make a determination within 21 days. If Metro can’t make a determination in time, provisional eligibility is granted until a determination can be made.

Temporary Eligibility

During the roll out of the system redesign, riders may need time to learn the new routes. People with disabilities may want to apply for temporary paratransit eligibility as the system begins to have a back-up option as they learn the new routes.


Paratransit Boundary

Weekday paratransit boundaries will either remain the same, or be expanded depending on the final system design. If you receive weekday paratransit service, you will continue to receive weekday paratransit service after the redesign.

The only area where there will be a removal of WEEKEND service is where we currently provide weekend-only service in the City of Fitchburg (south of McKee Rd.).


A paratransit ride costs $3.25 for a one-way trip.

Application Assistance

If you need help putting your application together or other assistance, you can contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County (ADRC). The ADRC is a one-stop shop for older adults, people with disabilities and their caregivers and families. ADRC staff are unbiased and knowledgeable professionals who listen to your concerns, help clarify your options and direct you to appropriate resources.

Their offices are located at Located in the Northside Town Center, 2865 N. Sherman Ave. and be reached by calling (608) 240-7400 or emailing ADRC@countyofdane.com.

Dane County Group Access Rides

Transportation for older adults and people with disabilities is also available through Dane County Group Access Rides. This program provides group and individual transportation services to enable seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent and in their own homes.

Rides are provided to medical appointments, congregate meal sites (nutrition sites), community and senior centers, grocery stores, general shopping, food pantries, job interviews, utility appointments, and other community activities.

To apply for this service, contact your local senior service organization or call (608) 242-6489 or email TransportationCallCenter@countyofdane.com.

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