Hudson Park

Hudson Park
Address: 2919 Lakeland Ave.
Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Mini
Acres: 4.75
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: No
Shoreline On: Lake Monona

Park Details

Hudson Park, located at 2919 Lakeland Avenue, stretches along the shores of Lake Monona, and is complete with 4.75 acres of lake views, ancient mounds, and a bronze memorial dedicated to the Ho-Chunk nation. A Native American artist from the Ho-Chunk nation named Harry Whitehorse sculpted a memorial to his ancestors to place in the park in 1990. The sculpture was created from the trunk of a hackberry tree struck by lightning, and contains carvings of a wolf, bear, cub, lynx, thunderbird, eagle, and a Ho Chunk warrior. The sculpture also overlooks the effigy mounds. The statue was cast in bronze in 2009.

Land Management

2012 - The Hudson Park Improvements project included construction improvements to the former lifeguarded beach within Hudson Park located between Miller and Hudson Avenue.  This project included replacing the deteriorating 6' high stone wall and unsafe access to the shoreline with amphitheatre style terraced seat walls.  The improvements also included installation of stairs and a kayak/canoe access ramp, as well as vegetated riprap to protect the eroding shoreline.  The project was a collaborative effort with the neighborhood, which provided significant input on the design.

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