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Madison Parks Policies

The City of Madison Board of Park Commissioners has approved a number of Park Policies over the years. Each are thoughtfully designed and created to improve our park systems at the time of inception and intended to be long-standing, effective policies.

Policy Links

  • Behavior Policy

    This policy was established to ensure the enjoyment of parks for all park users through Ranger enforcement.

  • Burial Mounds Policy

    Created with assistance from the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Ho-Chunk Nation, and approved by the Board of Park Commissioners in October 2019, the policy provides guidelines and procedures for managing burial mounds located in Madison Parks. Burial mound locations are also included in the policy.

  • Dogs In Parks Policy

    Approved by the Board of Park Commissioners in October 2019, the Dogs in Parks policy provides guidance on access for dogs in the park system and helped guide necessary ordinance changes to accomplish the goals outlined in the policy.

  • Drones

    Unless otherwise posted, and as regulated by MGO 25.18 REGULATION OF DRONES and licensed and permitted by the Federal Aviation Administration, drones or other radio-controlled toys are allowed.

  • Forest Hill Cemetery Rules and Regulations

    This document, approved by the Board of Park Commissioners, provides guidelines regarding the sale of lots, interments, mausoleum, disinterments, memorials, and grave decorations at Forest Hill Cemetery.

  • Golf Program Code of Conduct

    Approved by the Board of Park Commissioners and the Madison Common Council, the Golf Program Code of Conduct ensures an enjoyable experience for all who play, visit or work at the City's four municipal golf courses and details types of violating behaviors with enforceable consequences.

  • Master Plan Policy || Report || Process

    The newly adopted Master Plan Policy is intended to provide guidelines and procedures that will ensure individual park master plans are consistent with the most recently adopted City of Madison Park and Open Space Plan and Comprehensive Plan. This policy is also intended to sustainably guide the location and management of the infrastructure, recreational amenities, and habitats/land management areas in the Madison Park system.

  • Memorial Policy

    This policy is intended to provide guidelines and encourage gift giving to the Madison Parks or Madison Parks Foundation to meet the needs of the park users and the park system.

  • Off-Leash Dog Park Policy || Attachment A

    This policy guides the Parks Division in planning new off-leash dog park areas and set standards for responding to requests for the creation of off-leash dog park areas in the Madison Parks system.

  • Park Naming Policy

    The Madison Board of Park Commissioners is responsible for designating a name for all Park and Recreation areas within the Madison Park System. This policy provides guidelines and a procedure for the selection of names.

  • Pesticide Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to eliminate or reduce pesticide use to the greatest possible extent.

  • Tethering on Trees in Parks Policy || Protection || Identification

    This policy prevents and mitigates damage to trees in park by providing guidelines for all park activities that involve tethering to trees such as slacklining and hammocking.

  • Volunteer Policy

    This policy is intended to encourage volunteerism by efficiently and effectively utilizing volunteers in the Madison Park system.

Contact Madison Parks

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  • Phone: (608) 266-4711
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  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm
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  • After Hours, Weekends & Holidays: Contact Park Rangers, (608) 235-0448