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Sandburg Park

Sandburg Park
Address: 2818 Independence Ln.
Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Neighborhood
Acres: 14.74
Restroom: No
Drinking Water: No

Park Details

Sandburg Park located on Madison's east side and Sandburg Elementary School features playground equipment, and lots of open space for running and playing. 

Bike Skills Track
As part of the Madison Bicycle Adventure Trail, pre-fabricated wood ramps and bridges make for a fun and unique biking adventure in Sandburg Park. The approx. 700' loop is adjacent to Sandburg Elementary School. 
bike skills course
Bike Skills Track at Sandburg Park

Alternate Address: 3151 Sunbrook Rd. (Tomscot Trail & Sunbrook Rd. (sign) 

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