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Hoyt Park Roys Shelter

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Please Note: We are continually improving our park system. Some of these improvements may impact a nearby shelter. Prior to making a reservation, please visit Parks Projects for more information on specific parks.

Amenity Details
Address: 3902 Regent St
Park: Hoyt Park
Capacity: Seats 70 people
Restrooms: In separate building
Water:Not available in shelter
Kitchenette: No
Parking: Parking lot
Seating Included: Yes
P.A. (Amplified Sound) Permit Allowed: Yes - Six (6) hour permit to end by 9 p.m.

Shelter Details

Beautifully secluded shelter nestled in the woods.
Park shelter in wooods.

Garbage pick-up: If you rent this shelter, you must pack up your garbage. A covered garbage bin is provided in the parking lot next to the locked gate.   

2024 FEES

Weekday Full Day $35.00
Weekday Half Day $25.00
Fri-Sun Full Day $60.00
Fri-Sun Half Day $45.00

All prices include tax.
Holidays are weekend rate. 

No firearms or weapons are permitted on this property. Violators are considered trespassers and subject to forfeiture or arrest.