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Email and Text Messages from the Madison Police Department

Did you receive a form email or text message from the Madison Police Department?

The Madison Police Department began utilizing a community relations software system in December of 2021 as a means to receive more feedback from the community. We contract with the company SpidrTech for this software.

This software sends out automated messages, as text messages and/or emails, to crime victims over the course of our investigations. Victims are also sent a message containing a survey link. This voluntary survey is essentially a customer feedback survey and is an effort to respond to victim concerns and improve as an agency. The software also sends out automated messages concerning case status updates (such as when cases are active, cleared by arrest, closed, etc.). Additionally, victims of Identity Theft and Fraud receive supplementary information on how to better protect themselves.

The Madison Police Department will never use these messages as a way to solicit or collect money.

For additional information on the software please visit their website:

Use of Email and Text Messages by MPD Officers and Staff

The Madison Police Department does use email and text messages as a way of communicating with community members regarding specific cases or information needs. In most cases the officer or staff member has already had an interaction with the community member and has clearly identified themselves. If you are unsure if an email or text message was sent directly from the Madison Police Department, please contact us.