08/24/2016, 02:16 PM

Each year, the Madison Police Department offers an internship program; the vast majority of students flock to our summer openings.  Typically, we have 40-60 students competing for an average of 20 unpaid internship positions.  The work placements for the internships vary but students have been assigned to the following areas of our Department:  Districts, Community Policing Teams, Forensic Services, Neighborhood Officers, Mounted Patrol, K9 Unit, Traffic Enforcement and Safety Te ...

08/15/2016, 12:50 PM

After serving our community for 32 years, my classmate Joe Balles, retired from MPD last January.  Captain Joe Balles was the venerable face of MPD in a variety of contexts but none more memorable than as the leader of the South Police District.  And while Joe may have officially “retired” from active service, this energizer bunny rabbit is not the sort to sit back, relax, and allow himself the benefits of a carefree life.  Before even officially turning in his gear, Joe had asse ...

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