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My vehicle was towed, what do I need to do to get it back?

Where can I pay my parking ticket?

Parking tickets can be paid online, in person, or through the mail.

How do I contest/appeal a parking ticket?

You will need to:
  • Call (608) 266-4170 to schedule a Court Date
  • Parking court is held on Wednesdays at 10:30 am and is by appointment only.
  • Go to: Court Services for more information.

I sold my vehicle and now I am getting parking tickets, what can I do?

Parking in Madison can be confusing, how do I know where I can and cannot park?

How can I contact the WI Department of Transportation?

Where can I pay my City of Madison Municipal citation?

How do I contact Dane County Courts?

What data is available about MPD and crime in the City of Madison?

MPD does make a variety data available on our website. Incident Reports are updated every day and outline significant events in Madison. Sign up to receive email updates here.

City Wide Notable Calls Blog is updated every day. Sign up to receive updates via email here.

Community Crime Map reflects calls for service from the previous 24 hours and is downloaded every morning at 8am. Of note, not all call types are available on the Community Crime Map.

Annual Reports show trends from year to year.

Chief Quarterly Reports to Common Council

Madison Police Department is also required to report to the FBI through 21st Century Policing IBR Reporting which covers offences, arrests and use of force incidents. This data is on the bottom of the page annd through the WIBR website through the DOJ.

Requests for additional police data will be processed. However, with the data sources already available to the public on the website, additional resources for data production are limited. To request data outside of the scope of what is publically available, make a public records request. Data public records requests have the same legal limits for law enforcement records that exist in all other law enforcement public records requests.

I need to be fingerprinted. Are fingerprinting services available at MPD?

Yes, for information on availability and ID requirements see here.

How do I make a public records request?

Public records, including police reports can be requested online, via phone, mail, fax, or by making a request in person. For more information see here.

I received records from MPD that are blacked out and redacted. Why?

Does the Madison Police Department use body cameras and/or dashboard cameras?

The Madison Police Department currently has dashboard cameras installed in all patrol cars. All patrol officers are required to wear a microphone while on duty and activate their microphone in accordance with SOP.

MPD also has a limited number of body cameras. Body cameras are currently used by motorcycle officers, as these officers are not able to use dashboard cameras. Body cameras are also used by SWAT officers in accordance with SOP.

I lost something in a public place, does MPD have it?

Possibly, lost items are often turned into the police department. For more information see here.