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Statement Analysis Interviewing Techniques
posted August 16, 2018 12:34 PM


Title: Statement Analysis Interviewing Techniques
Location: Madison Police Department Training Center
5702 Femrite Drive
Madison, WI 53718

Cost $140.00

Description: Statement Analysis is the process of examining a person's words to see if the subject is being truthful or deceptive. Even though people may lie and withhold information their words will betray them. There are several ways you can phrase a statement. People will always word their statement based on all their knowledge. Therefore, their statement may contain information they did not intend to share. People will give you more information than what they realize. The key to detecting deception is to listen to what people are saying and to know what to look for in their statement. 

Mark McClish will share his techniques on how to analyze a verbal and written statement to detect deception. He will also provide insight on how to obtain additional information from a statement. By using excerpts from today's headlines, Mark gives a presentation that is current and unforgettable. After attending this seminar, you will begin to observe things in a verbal and written statement that you never noticed before


Date Event Begins: 11/28/2018
Date Event Ends: 11/28/2018
Time of the Event: 0800-1700
Category: Investigations

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Contact Email:
Contact Details: Christel Boeck
Training Coordinator
Madison Police Training Center
5702 Femrite Dr
Madison, WI 53718
608-261-9675 (o)
Additional Information: Certified LE only
City Sponsored Event: Yes

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