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This week's featured course: Mobile Device Evidence: Fundamentals for Investigators
posted May 26, 2015 11:28 AM

Mobile Device Evidence: Fundamentals for Investigators
Date: 6/9/2015 - 6/10/2015, 8am-5pm

Description: Cell phones & mobile devices are an integral part of the world around us, & the data they contain can be essential to investigating & prosecuting crimes. Mobile technology changes at an extremely high rate, & what we once took for granted may no longer be true. Come explore the possibilities & learn the potential pitfalls of evidentiary data gleaned from mobile devices. Case studies will be incorporated throughout the course to demonstrate various points.
Day 1: Mobile data/evidence sources; Basic overview of mobile device forensics, and a primer to the language we use –parsing, decoding, scripting, etc; tools & techniques forensic examiners use to get data; How & why all mobile devices aren't equal from a data extraction & forensics standpoint; 3rd Party Apps & the potential value to a case; Understanding the basics of location based data; Pass codes, encryption, date formats, mobile malware & other things you may need to know.
Cost: 150.00
Location: Madison Police Department Training Center
5702 Femrite Drive
Madison, WI 53718
Contact: Sgt Linda Covert
Madison Police Training Center
5702 Femrite Dr
Madison, WI 53718
608-261-5545 (o)
More: This course is targeted towards and restricted to: officers, deputies, detectives, investigators, and prosecutors who want to have a better understanding of evidence obtained from mobile devices.

Day 2 will cover:
•When to go to the service provider rather than the phone itself, and visa versa
•What do you do with the data once you get it?
•How to read, interpret, and work with Cellebrite reports and cell phone data
•Why mobile forensic exams & reports may seemingly 'miss' important data
•How to get the most out of your mobile forensic examination request
•Crafting search warrants that aren't overly broad but aren't overly restrictive
•Legal update

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