South District Community Policing Team

The South community policing team spends a great deal of time addressing drug and weapon crimes. The team also focuses on traffic enforcement, problem-solving and community outreach. A typical week for a CPT officer can include executing a drug-related search warrant, performing a traffic enforcement project, attending a community meeting, conducting surveillance or looking for a wanted person.

Each community policing team officer is assigned a geographic portion of the district. The officers are responsible for monitoring crime patterns and neighborhood issues within their area.

  • Contact the South District Community Policing Team: (608) 266-4830
Engel, Shawn

Sergeant Shawn Engel

  • District-wide Coordinator:
    (608) 575-9424
Beckfield, Scott

Officer Scott Beckfield

  • (608) 209-9529
    Broadway/Lakepoint N.A.
    Highland Manor N.A.
    Indian Springs N.A.
    Waunona N.A.
Magyera, Steve

Officer Steve Magyera

  • (608) 209-8480
    Bay Creek N.A.
    Bayview N.A.
    Greenbush N.A.
    Monona Bay N.A.
Thomson, Molly Jean

Officer Molly Jean Thomson

  • (608) 209-8399
    Regent Street N.A.
    Dudgeon-Monroe N.A.
    Vilas N.A.
Lewis, Andre

Officer Andre Lewis

  • (608) 209-9808
    Arbor Hills N.A.
    Brams Addition N.A.
    Burr Oaks N.A.
    Capitol View Heights N.A.
    Leopold N.A.