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South District Patrol Officers

Many neighborhoods in the City of Madison have patrol officers assigned as liaisons. These liaison officers are full-time patrol officers, working patrol beats on one of MPD's three shifts. So, they are not assigned full-time or even part-time to their assigned neighborhoods. However, they are able to serve as a first point of contact for neighborhood associations, property managers and community members. They are not able to devote anywhere near the time and effort to an area that MPD's neighborhood officers are, but try to stay plugged in to issues in their assigned areas.

If you live or work in one of the areas with an assigned liaison, feel free to contact the South District via the Contact form or at (608) 266-5938 for routine questions or inquiries. Remember that if you need an officer for an emergency, dial 911. If you need to report a crime or have another need to speak with an officer right away, contact the dispatch center using the non-emergency number (608) 266-4948.

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