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Donate Your Abandoned Vehicle

During Winter, the Madison area can sometimes receive excessive snowfall, and have to contend with the removal of that snow. The City of Madison's Streets Department's plowing operations have been seriously hampered by a large number of inoperable or abandoned vehicles. The Madison Police Department has towed so many of these cars and trucks that wrecker storage lots filled and lots in the city's parks have had to be temporarily utilized.

Throughout the year, the City of Madison spends thousands of dollars on towing Street Stored and Abandoned vehicles. This dollar amount continues to grow every year. Because of this cost and the above-discussed plowing problems, we are asking the community to help by exploring options for disposing of unwanted vehicles.

The following organizations will take your vehicle, with some restrictions:

There are also local tow companies who will remove your vehicle with a clear title and keys to the vehicle. You must make your own arrangements for this type of service with the towing company.