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Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Many parking meters note that they aren't enforced on "City Holidays." What are the "City Holidays?"

A: City holidays are as follows: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday (the third Monday in January), Memorial Day (the last Monday in May), Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. It is important to note that there are more holidays that are classified as Federal Holidays (i.e. President's Day, Veteran's Day) that are NOT city holidays. Parking meters ARE enforced on these days!

Q: Why did I receive an alternate side parking ticket last night when it didn't even snow?

A: The purpose of this regulation is to allow access by plows when it does snow. Tickets are issued consistently throughout the winter to ensure compliance on those nights when it is needed for snow clearing. For more information on snow regulations, call (608) 261-9111 or go to: City of Madison Winter.

Q: Some streets around my child's school are posted "no stopping, standing, or parking." Can't I just stop for a moment to drop off my child?

A: Streets around schools are becoming increasingly congested as less children walk to school. Parking regulations are designed to provide a safe environment. A "no parking" sign allows for drop off from an attended vehicle. No Stopping, Standing or Parking means just that, but safe alternatives are available.

Q: I have a disabled parking permit. What are my requirements when I park at a meter?

A: Individuals with disabled permits are exempt from depositing fees in those meters that are at least 30 minutes in duration.

Q: I recently received a street storage warning for my vehicle which was parked right in front of my house. What am I required to do and why?

A: Vehicles can not be left continuously standing on a street for more than 48 hours. This is typically enforced on a complaint, or when it becomes an obvious violation due to multiple meter/hour tickets or accumulated snow. This regulation facilitates street cleaning, snow removal, and identification of abandoned vehicles.

Q: Can I return to a meter and put in additional coins to extend my allowed parking time?

A: You are limited to the total parking time listed on the meter. Shorter meters are designed for turnover of parking spaces to increase access in high demand areas, for example near a Post Office branch.

Q: How do I obtain a residential parking permit?

A: Permits can be obtained from the

Madison Department of Transportation
215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Suite 109
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 4:00pm

Go to the City of Madison Parking Utility for specific information about cost, identification necessary, and other requirements.

Q: What is the parking restriction at a Metro bus stop?

A: Stopping, standing or parking of vehicles in a bus stop is restricted between the bus stop sign and nearest intersection - or between the bus stop sign and another no parking sign in the middle of a block. If passengers can not safely board or exit a bus because of a vehicle blocking a bus stop, the vehicle may be towed.