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Community Events on Madison Streets

STEP 1: Application Requirements

Before you submit an application, make sure that you complete the following as they pertain to your event:

  • Street Event Schedule
  • Street Event Site Map
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Street Event Clean-up and Recycling Plan
  • Street Use Permit Application
  • Application Fee

Follow each step for preparing your application by clicking through the "Next" categories at the bottom of each page.

Application Fees (Non-Refundable)

All applications must be submitted with a non-refundable application fee, including applications for charitable events and events hosted by non-profit organizations.

Fees are:

  • Neighborhood Block Party, $50 (NT)
  • One Time/One Day Event, $100 (NT)
  • One Time/Two or More Day Event, $200 (NT)
  • Series Event, $300 (NT)
  • Cash/Bond Deposit Capitol Square Events, $3,000 (NT)

Past Deadline Application Fees

  • Street Use Event Permit less than 30 days before event, $250 (NT)
  • Street Use Event Permit with Beer/Wine Sales Permit less than 60 days, $250 (NT)
  • Street Use Events with Special Event Resolution(s) less than 60 days before event, $250 (NT)
Form: Street Use Permit Application Checklist: PDF / MS Word

Helpful Resources

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