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Below should address the most common questions regarding the new work order system.

The questions are divided into three categories.


work order system

Schedule your large item pickup and/or purchase recycling fee stickers for drop-off.


questions for curbside collection

How will I get items picked up at the curb?

Fill out the online work order form to provide information about what you have out for pickup. If the items you are setting out require a fee, you will pay them through the work order system. Then set the items out on the date you select in the work order system. Collection will the work week following the set-out day.


How will I know if the item I want to get rid of requires a fee?

The online work order system will let you know if the item requires a fee, and you can check this list.


In the old system, we had to put stickers on the items that required a fee. Do we still need to do that?

After you complete the work order and pay the fee online, your next step will be to set out the item at the curb on the set-out date you selected. You will not need a sticker in this situation.


Do I need to fill out the work order if the items I am setting out do not require a fee?

For curbside collection, yes, you should fill out the form and include all of the items that need pickup, including the ones do not require a fee.  We will use the form to help set staffing for large item pickup.


I bought a sticker a while ago, but never got the item out to the curb for pickup. When I go through the work order process now to schedule my collection, it says I have to pay again. Do I really have to pay another fee to have this item picked up? That doesn't seem fair. What should I do?

No, you will not need to pay the fee a second time.

Call our offices and we can help.


Why are the set-out dates for large item Sundays?

Crews will begin collecting large items on the Monday following the set-out Sunday. Crews will collect as much material as possible each work day until the work orders are cleared.


I have to get rid of two air conditioners. How do I do multiples of the same item?

You will need to add the same item to the order twice. There is a recycling fee for this item, so you will need to pay for both air conditioners.


I replaced the carpet in my basement and lumber from a deck for disposal.  Do I need to put in multiple entries carpet if I have a lot? Do I have to put an entry in for each piece of lumber I have out there? Does square footage matter? Is it by the roll of carpet I have out for pickup? What do I do with this stuff?

Keep it simple.

In this instance, you should have one entry for carpet one entry for the lumber in your work order.

Some items it's obvious you will need multiples, like the air conditioner example above.

Others like carpet, lumber, fencing, construction debris, and other things where you don't really have a single unit or thing, only putting one on the work order is sufficient.


If I fill out a work order and set my large item out on Sunday, and it hasn't been picked up by Wednesday, does that mean I was missed?

No. If you have filled out the work order, and got the items to the curb on the set out date, you have done everything right. You just need to wait for collection. How many large items are out at a given time will determine how quickly crews can work. Sometimes the items will be picked up early in the week, and other times it may take longer.


What if I created a work order to have items picked up at the curb, but I change my mind and want to take the items to a drop-off site instead of having them picked up at the curb?

Please contact the Streets Division office that services your home to make adjustments to your work order.


Can I get a refund for a recycling fee if I want one?

No refunds are available for curbside collection.

Refunds will only be granted if you return a fee sticker to our offices. The sticker must be unused.

Since you will not get a sticker for curbside pickup, you cannot get a refund.

questions for drop-off

Do I need to fill out the work order form for items that I am bringing to the drop-off site?

Only if the item requires a fee sticker. Here is a list of the items that require a fee.

The work order system is how you will pay for recycling fees whether the item is picked up at the curb or dropped-off.


Will I still need a recycling fee sticker for certain items I bring to the drop-off site?

Yes. This has not changed from the process before.

You should complete the work order for the items you want to bring to the drop-off site that require a fee

Then a sticker will be mailed out to you.

You must have the sticker on the item for them to be accepted.


Do I need to fill out the work order form if the item I am dropping off does not require a fee, like a mattress or a couch?



What if I created a work order to drop-off items, but I change my mind and want them picked up at the curb?

Please contact the Streets Division office that services your home to make adjustments to your work order.


I have to get rid of two televisions. How do I do multiples of the same item?

You will need to add the same item to the order twice. There is a recycling fee for this item, so you will need to pay for both televisions.


Will I be able to get a refund for recycling fees?

Yes, if you return your unused recycling fee sticker to one of the Streets Division offices.

Refunds will not be available for residents scheduling curbside pickup because they will not have an unused sticker to return.

Other questions

Why are you doing this?

There are a number of reasons why we are moving to the new system on June 1, 2021.

Under the old system of the large item collection, large item pickup crews rove neighborhoods looking for items to collect. This uses a lot of fuel and a significant amount of time. With the new work order system, crews can go stop-to-stop and burn less fuel and use less time searching for items to collect. This will also help management assign the right volume of personnel to go after the number of work orders received.

This also allows us to get better data about what we collect. In time, as more recycling opportunities become available locally, work orders allow us to be more intentional with our collection system. For example, if mattress recycling becomes available once again, we could send a truck out to specifically pickup mattresses to deliver them to the recycler, making for a better process on the back-end so the recyclables won't have to be separated out from the material we can't yet recycle.

Also, the work order system should also practically eliminate missed large item collections as crews will know exactly which houses need pickup.


Will this affect student-move out?

People in the student-move out area must still use the online work order form to purchase any recycling fee stickers for televisions, appliances, or other fee items. 

During the move-out period in August, people who live in the student move out area only need to use the work order form for items that require a fee, like microwaves and televisions.


What if someone struggles with the online form?

Please give us a call and we can help out.


The form isn't recognizing my address. What is going on?

The most common cause of this is that your street name is being entered incorrectly. 

For example, let's say you live at 1501 W. Badger Rd. If you enter that into the online form, "1501" is the Street Number; 'W" is the Direction; "Badger" is the Street Name; and "Rd" is the Street Type. 

Your Street Name does not include the Avenue, Road, Way, Boulevard, and the other similar designations. In fact, you do not need to fill in the "Street Type" part of the form to get it to recognize your address.

Now, there are some streets that do not follow the normal naming conventions and it can still be tricky, so if you just can't get the address to work, give our office a call.


What if I can't find the exact item I have that needs disposal?

We could not list every possible item that can be set out for pickup. Some of the categories are general, like a dresser or a bed frame would go under "wood furniture." There are also some general "other" categories you can use.

Over time, we will add common items we may have left out on the initial large item list.

And, you can certainly call us to get help.