Water Wagon

Children at Water Wagon

Madison's One and Only Water Wagon!

Our Water Wagon serves up clean, cool, refreshing Madison water at community events across the city during the warm weather months (May through early-October). It also serves as Madison Water Utility's primary in-person outreach initiative, focused on opening dialogues with customers about conservation, sustainability and source water protection. Keep your water bottle handy - you never know where you'll see us! Check out the history of Madison's one-of-a kind Water Wagon, and see more photos on our Facebook page.

Submit a Water Wagon Request Form  

The 2024 Water Wagon schedule is set for the year. Community members are encouraged to submit a request for 2025. 

Please complete a Water Wagon Request Form for Spring/Summer 2025 and submit it to water@madisonwater.org at least one month prior to your event. 


The Water Wagon is considered an in-kind sponsorship, as Madison Water Utility does incur significant costs to maintain, set up and staff the Wagon. When the Water Wagon is brought to events, at a minimum Madison Water Utility must be included as a sponsor on all event marketing materials. 

To request a logo for promotional materials or to find out more information, contact water@madisonwater.org.

Questions? Email water@madisonwater.org 

Man and children get water at the Water Wagon


How does the Water Wagon work?
The Water Wagon is a fresh water system, not a tank. We hook it up directly to approved hose bibs at parks and other areas throughout Madison. The water is then cooled inside the wagon and comes out of the taps cold, fresh and ready to quench thirsts!

How do I request the Water Wagon at an event I am organizing?
Fill out a Water Wagon Request Form and submit it to us at least one month before the event. Event requests are evaluated and approved based on the availability/proximity of a water source, staff availability, and the event's expected attendance, mission, and promotions.

What is the cost to use the Water Wagon?
Bringing the Water Wagon to an event is considered an in-kind sponsorship, as Madison Water Utility does incur costs to maintain, set up and staff the Wagon. In exchange for our bringing the Water Wagon to events, Madison Water Utility must be included as a sponsor on all event promotional materials. To request a logo for promotional materials or to find out more information, contact water@madisonwater.org.
Who is permitting to use the Water Wagon?
The Water Wagon is intended to be used at outdoor events within the Madison Water Utility service area. A Madison Water Utility staff person must always be present throughout the duration of the event. 

What do I need to provide while the Water Wagon is at my event?
The Utility often has reusable water bottles to provide at Water Wagon events, however, in the case that we are unable to provide bottles, host organizations should provide cups (preferably biodegradable), refillable water bottles, etc. for event attendees to drink out of.

In addition, any organization requesting the Water Wagon must agree to comply with the following:

  • Madison Water Utility staff must have easy/clear access to the site location, especially for drop off and pick up.
  • The Water Wagon cannot be dropped off the night before or left unattended at any time.
  • We have the authority to cancel the Water Wagon's participation at an event, especially in an emergency or inclement weather situation.


We are interested in building a Water Wagon. Can we get plans or talk to the staff members who designed and built it?
The Water Wagon is Madison Water Utility's own original design and includes proprietary components and details. Please email water@madisonwater.org if you're interested in building your own.

Can the Water Wagon be hooked up to a fire hydrant?

Hydrants are installed for fighting fires, and water delivered from them is considered non-potable. The Water Wagon cannot use fire hydrants as a water supply.

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