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Exempting late payment fees until further notice

Madison Water Utility is exempting late payment fees until further notice. We recognize that for many of...

Main breaks

  • Wild February weather takes toll on water mains Posted 02/25/2019

    There have been 69 main breaks and counting in the first two months of 2019. --- (Photo: MWU crews respond to a water main break as temps plunge to -20) --- Read more »
  • Why all the main breaks? Posted 02/23/2016

    Repair crews deal with a string of main breaks across Madison It's 5:00 a.m. on an usually warm February morning, and the call comes in – a six-inch wide water main has ruptured beneath busy Regent Street just off the UW Madison campus. The break is one of 11 in Madison in four days, and utility officials say the sudden warm-up is largely to blame. Read more »
  • Paying for Progress Posted 02/25/2014

    "A huge impact" Every single water customer pays it, but you won't see it on a bill. It's called PILOT, or "Payment in Lieu of Taxes," and the charge comprises about 16% of a customer's water payment each billing cycle. Read more »
  • The winter that won't be forgotten Posted 02/14/2014

    Going without It's easy to take it for granted – turn on the tap, out comes water. But for dozens of people in Madison, the water has stopped. "You can't flush the toilets, you can't wash the dishes, you can't wash clothes...brush your teeth, take a shower, all those things," says Ken Bavery, who lives on a cul-de-sac on Madison's east side. Read more »
  • Going in the hole: Madison Water Utility crews take on main break season Posted 12/16/2013

      The breaks begin It's Friday morning in Madison, and the rush to work is underway. But on the city's southeast side, five co-workers have already been on the job for hours, dealing with a stream of water pouring down otherwise-frozen Buckeye Road. It's the city's 18th water main break in 8 days. Read more »