• The long road to smart meters Posted 01/29/2014

    Out of the dark ages In 2010, Madison Water Utility had a decision to make. The device it had been using for decades to record water use inside Madison homes was about to become obsolete. Read more »
  • Frozen on the inside: Indoor flooding season is here Posted 12/05/2013

      "I can't believe how much water is in this house!" They're known among Madison Water Utility inspectors simply as "flooded houses" – homes with collapsed ceilings and peeling drywall, water pouring out from under doors, thick ice on the insides of windows. Read more »
  • Sometimes, it's what you don't see Posted 09/25/2013

    The stories keep coming in – the landlord who found a broken showerhead spewing water in an unoccupied apartment; the man with a silently running toilet; the couple unaware that a burst hose was gushing in their yard. "They normally say, 'It's impossible. There's no way for that much water to be used and I wouldn't notice it,'" says Madison Water Utility customer service representative Sherri Becker, who often fields calls from customers who've gotten a "continuous usage" letter from the utility to alert them about a possible water leak. Read more »