Hydrant Flow Test

Flow Test Policy/Procedures


Madison Water Utility provides fire hydrant flow tests within the Water Utility service area. Only MWU personnel are authorized to conduct flow tests. Requests for flow tests should be emailed to flowtest@madisonwater.org. Requests should include:

  • Contact name, company, phone number, and address
  • Location/Address of the project site

Flow Test Estimates

Estimates based on existing data (including the hydraulic model) are provided at no charge. They are typically processed within one working day.

Flow Test

The cost of a new flow test is $160. They are typically processed within one week.

Flow tests are not conducted in cold weather (typically November through March) for safety reasons.

Data returned on a flow test report includes:

  • Vicinity map of flow test
  • Flow Test Location
  • Hydrant ID
  • Test Date
  • Test Time
  • Main Size
  • Static Pressure
  • Residual Pressure
  • Flow (GPM)
  • Total system flow for day of test
  • System flow as a percentage of max day
  • Wells out of service
  • Hydrant curve generated from the hydraulic model
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