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Image: 1 & 2 Family Residential

Inspections: 1 & 2 Family Residential

Contact: Building Inspection - (608) 266-4551

The following inspections are required, remember not to cover permitted work before it is inspected:

Building Inspections
  • New Building or Addition
    1. Footing
    2. Framing (after plumbing, heating, and electric runs are made but before anything is covered up)
    3. Insulation (includes installed vapor retarder)
    4. Final
  • Alterations
    1. Framing
    2. Final

Mechanical Inspections
  1. Trench depth (for exterior trenches)
  2. Rough (electrical, plumbing, and/or heating runs made without fixtures or devices connected)
  3. Final (with devices connected)