Funding Opportunities

CDD Funding Opportunities

posted January 30, 2017 4:07 PM

The Emerging Opportunities Program (EOP) was established to support projects and activities that address emerging opportunities or unanticipated needs that arise outside of the Community Development Division's (CDD) multi-year Purchase of Service processes. The EOP was created to allow the City to respond in a more timely manner and seize opportunities as they are presented and most viable. The EOP is also intended for new and promising organizations to receive City financial support, provided they demonstrate broad resident engagement in the development of the project or activity the organization proposes.

The City of Madison is seeking proposals that address issues of poverty and inequality in the City of Madison. Strong proposals will:

1)  Focus on emerging needs or unanticipated opportunities in the City that warrant resources and attention at this time; and
2)  Present opportunities to try new or innovative approaches to resolving issues or problems that adversely affect  quality of life for city residents; and
3)  Demonstrate resident and community interest and engagement in the development of the proposed project.

Proposals should address needs that arise outside the timelines and/ or scopes of other established City funding processes. Preference will be given to new and promising organizations, and proposals that have utilized  collaborative community based planning processes The program's intent is to address issues that fall under the purview of the Community Development Division and impact such concerns as; services for children, youth, adults, seniors and families; employment and training programs; community engagement and capacity building; access to affordable housing (services that target homeless and special needs populations, as well as non-capital costs associated with housing development, housing rehabilitation, and housing repair); economic development; employment opportunity development; and other activities that help improve the quality of life in Madison's neighborhoods.

We ask all organizations that are considering applying to fill out a very short  information and registration form to help us better plan for this process. Additionally, we will be offering two workshops (Morning and Afternoon) on February 6 and 7 to review the application and processes for anyone who may be considering applying. Attendance at the workshop is not mandatory to apply, but highly recommended.

The 2017 EOP process will make available $150,000 for allocation. The application and guidelines are now posted on the CDD Funding Opportunities website.

Applications will be due at noon on Monday, February 27, 2017.

A list of staff available for questions on the application and process is included in the EOP Guidelines document on the website.
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