A. CBE Purpose and Background


The Community Development Division of the City of Madison is seeking proposals to provide support and skill building opportunities in leadership development for residents wishing to do work in their neighborhoods that will increase community cohesion and/or improve their neighborhoods.

These funds are intended to focus on fostering community engagement and relationship building in communities and neighborhoods in which residents tend to be underrepresented in City processes and decision making in general.  This may include, but not be limited to, individuals living in rental housing; those living with lower incomes; immigrants; and people of color (specifically African American, Latinx, Native American, Southeast Asian).  In addition, proposals that target areas that have been assigned Neighborhood Resource Teams (NRTs) are strongly encouraged.  These include: Darbo/Worthington, Hammersly/Theresa, Balsam/Russett, Park Edge/Park Ridge, Allied Drive, Bram's/Burr Oaks, Owl Creek, Leopold and Brentwood/Northport.  Proposals that target other geographic areas with similar demographics are also encouraged.



Community Building and Engagement is a relatively new area of funding for the City of Madison.  In 2015, city staff engaged with numerous residents living in areas with NRTs who spoke of their desire to build stronger relationships with their neighbors and for opportunities to come together in community with each other to ultimately strengthen the nighborhood.  The NRTs put forward a proposal to invest in community building for residents living in areas with NRTs and areas which shared similar demographics.  At the same time, the Common Council wanted to enhance the connection these same residents had to city processes and other forms of decision making.  This RFP is intended to address both of these goals.

Last Updated: 06/08/2018

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