Application Review Criteria

The following criteria will be used when reviewing each proposal:
  1. SERVICE DESIGN. To what extent does the proposal outline a service design that has the potential for success? (e.g., programming, staffing, frequency/duration of contact, curriculum, evidence-based best practice)
  2. ACCESSIBILITY.  To what extent does the proposed program ensure that clients who need this service will find the program accessible, culturally responsive, welcoming, effective and equitable?
  3. IMPACT. To what extent does the proposed program contribute to the community goals and community indicators for success identified in the 2016 Plan for Community Development Division Provision of Crisis or Senior Services? Consider what impact the program will have in addressing poverty, racial equity and/or social justice.
  4. COLLABORATION. To what extent does the proposal demonstrate or have the potential for demonstrating an effective and dynamic collaborative model?
  5. CULTURAL CAPACITY.  To what extent does the proposal reflect an equitable connection and responsiveness to the described service population?
  6. ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY: To what extent does the proposal exhibit the organizational capacity to support the proposed services (e.g., board composition, administrative structure and procedures, budget)?
  7. ENGAGEMENT. To what extent is the population being served actively involved and engaged in the program and agency activities (e.g., through involvement in the creation, design, implementation, and/or feedback for services)?


  1. IMPACT: (From Community Strategy statements in 2016 Plan)  To what extent does the proposed project:

    Crisis Services: Expand the capacity of current crisis management organizations to work more collaboratively with community partners for the purpose of improving the continuum of crisis services.

    Senior Adult Services: Expand the capacity of the four coalitions to enhance program delivery through coordination of administrative services and projects.
  2. GOAL: The extent to which the proposal clearly describes measurable outcomes or benefits and is likely to have an impact on the identified need.  
  3. PARTNERSHIPS:  Are the proposed partnerships sufficient to address the stated need and measures in Community Indicators of Success?  Extent to which the selection of partners serves the needs of the client population.  Extent to which this proposal brings together partners in a new and innovative way.  Extent to which partnership roles are clearly defined and coordinated.
  4. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Extent to which the project description identifies areas of focus, applied strategies and benchmarks that are relevant to goals, realistic and likely to succeed.
  5. BUDGET:  Extent to which the proposed budget reflects a clear, realistic and appropriate use of resources.
Last Updated: 06/19/2015

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