Application Review Criteria

Community Development Division 2015-2016 Funding Process Application Review Criteria
The following criteria will be used when reviewing each proposal:
  1. To what extent will the proposed project further its targeted Objective and associated Priorities and Strategies from the 2015-2016 Community Development Program Goals and Objectives?


  1. How many LMI persons or households will directly benefit from the proposed project and to what extent will these targeted beneficiaries be served (depth/scope of impact)?


  1. To what extent does the proposal include outcomes that are: a) realistic and measurable, b) likely to be achieved within the proposed timeline and c) well-suited to gauge impact on targeted needs?


  1. To what extent does the proposal document the following indicators of success for the organization, its staff and its board: a) qualifications, b) experience, c) capacity and d) past performance?


  1. To what extent is the agency's proposed budget reasonable and realistic?  To what extend does the proposal leverage additional resources, and demonstrate sound fiscal planning and management?


  1. To what extent does this proposal show evidence of thorough planning, which incorporates coordination with existing agencies, volunteers, and resources?


  1. To what extent does the proposed project address a significant community need identified in the 2015-2016 Community Development Program Goals and Objectives – either a continuing/ongoing need or a new and unmet need?
Last Updated: 05/21/2014

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