B. RFP Review Criteria

Funding allocations will be made with the consideration of each proposal's role in supporting Madison's Safe and Thriving Initiative in decreasing the prevalance and impact of youth violence and victimization, meeting the RFP Guidelines and the strength of the individual proposal itself.  Application scores will be an important, but not the sole factor in making decisions. The following criteria will be used when reviewing each proposal:

Madison's Northside: A Safe and Thriving Community Initiative

Youth Employment and Leadership Development 

Points Available

  1. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: To what extent does the proposal exhibit the organizational capacity to support the proposed services (e.g. board structure, history, staffing and volunteers?


10 points

  1. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: To what extent is the program model aligned with RFP guidelines and likely to be effective with the identified participants?  Does it provide the appropriate staffing, dosage, intake and assessment, responses to identified barriers, and curriculum to achieve intended outcomes?

35 points


Application Questions


Point Division

2a. and 2e.

Goal correlation with RFP guidelines and strategies, and demonstrated past success


2b. and 2c.

Population served, recruitment and engagement


2d., 2e., 2g. and 2h.

Program structure, activities, staffing pattern, service numbers, schedule, and timeline



Data tracking system and outcome measuerments


3. CULTURAL RELEVANCE and LANGUAGE ACCESS:  To what extent does the proposal demonstrate connection and responsiveness to the described service population and offer culturally and linguistically appropriate recruitment, curriculum (if applicable) and staffing?

15 Points

4. ALLIGNMENT: To what extent does the proposal describe a clear relationship between their project and its potential to address the prevalance and impact of youth violence and victimization?

10 points

5. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and COLLABORATION: To what extent does the proposal demonstrate strong collaborative relationships with neighborhood and community partners and a commitment to contribute to a collaborative service network?

10 points

6. BUDGET AND FUNDING: Extent to which the proposal presents an adequate and detailed budget that meets the needs of the propposed project, and demonstrates planning for future funding needs.

10 points


Total Points Available


90 points


Last Updated: 02/22/2018

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