C. Contract Requirements

If an organization receives funding in this RFP process there are several contractual requirements  that applicant agencies should be aware of.


Affirmative Action Plans or Exemption Forms

The City of Madison Purchase of Service contracts require non-exempt entities to develop and maintain an approved affirmative action plan. For more information on these requirements please visit the Department of Civil Rights website:



Sample Loan Agreements

Proposers are responsible for reviewing the Sample Loan Agreement prior to submission. The Sample Loan Agreement shall serve as the basis of the contract resulting from this RFP, subject to revision at the City's discretion, following the proposers demonstration that it has met the contingencies outlined in the authorizing resolution.  By submitting a proposal, proposers affirm their willingness to enter into an Agreement containing these terms


Standard Loan Agreement Boilerplate HOME funds

Standard Loan Agreement Boilerplate CDBG Funds

Sample of Other Contract Requirements (Exhibits)


Required Insurance for EOP Contracts

If funded, applicant agrees to secure insurance coverage in the following areas to the extent required by the City Office of Risk Management:

  • Commercial General Liability

  • Automobile Liability

  • Worker's Comp

  • Professional Liability

The cost of this coverage can be considered in the request for funding. The Certificate of Insurance that will be required at the time of contracting is available on the City of Madison Risk Management website.

Last Updated: 08/08/2018

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