E. Contract Requirements

If an organization receives funding in this RFP process there are several contractual requirements  that applicant agencies should be aware of.


Federal Grant Requirements:

The source of finds for this RFP are federal Funds awarded through the Office of Juvenile Justice and delinquency prevention to the city of Madison as part of the "The Madison's Northside : A Safe and Thriving Community" grant. There are federal regulations and requirements above and beyond the City's standard contract requirements that will apply to the administration of these funds both for the City and for organizations receiving funds under this grant. These requirements apply to multiple facets of grant administration for funded programs including access to funded activities, specific guidelines regarding cost allocations, employees management, budgeting and expense reporting, data collection and reporting on funded activities. It is expected that funded projects will work closely with city staff to develop systems and processes to address these requirements.  These requirements can be found on our Resources page.


Living Wage Requirements

All employees in City of Madison funded programs must be paid the established Living Wage as required under City of Madison Ordinance 4.20. The Madison Living Wage for 2018 will be $13.01 (hourly). Youth under age 18 years and participants attending employment training programs are exempt from this requirment.

Affirmative Action Plans or Exemption Forms

The City of Madison Purchase of Service contracts require non-exempt entities to develop and maintain an approved affirmative action plan. For more information on these requirements please visit the Department of Civil Rights website:



Sample Contract Language

Please see below for sample contracts typically utilized by CDD.

Certificate of Insurance

Please see the sample contract, article 27 for requirements.  A sample certificate is attached below.

Last Updated: 02/21/2018

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