A. Adult Employment Recommendations

2018 Staff Recommendations (11/16/2017)


2018 Staff Recommendations (10/24/17)

The following staff recommendations for the Adult Employment Program are a draft.  They will not be final until the November Community Services Committee meeting on November 16 at 5:30pm at the Madison Water Utility, 119 E. Olin Avenue.

Application Scoring

A number of agencies have requested their scores as part of the background around funding recommendations for youth and adult employment programming.  The workbook documenting the scoring is attached below.  However, it is important to understand that this process involved more than merely offering funds to the programs with the highest scores.  The basis for CDD recommendations to the Community Services Committee was a product of several factors.  Chief among them were evaluation scores assigned by nine reviewers.  Proposals were scored using the criteria set out in the request for proposals document.  In addition to CDD staff, the reviewers included about a half dozen representatives of other organizations with which we collaborate, e.g., Dane County, MMSD, the Workforce Development Board, the United Way, Madison College, the State of Wisconsin and the Madison Public Library.  Individual scores were tallied, then averaged.  The average scores were a key, but not the only consideration, as staff sought to fund a network of programs/proposals that supported the service continuum in each program area.  On occasion, that led to lower scoring programs being offered funding to meet a specific need or gap in the continuum.  In short, our goal was to support a network of programs that most effectively addresses our youth and adult employment goals. 

Last Updated: 11/16/2017

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