Step 2: Application Instructions

General Instructions

1.         Consult the Community Development Division Goals and Objectives documents. This document is the product of the work of the CDBG Committee and identifies specific efforts, and programs the City is interested in funding. Your program proposals should speak to these specific priority statements.

2.         Consult the evaluation criteria. Individual rating sheets that will be used in the evaluation of each program proposal are posted on the Funding Process website.

3.         Follow directions. Work through the document and spreadsheets from the left tab to right  in the order outlined in these instructions. If you go out of order, the auto fills will not present the information you need when you need it.

4.         Be concise. Staff and citizen committees expect to review approximately 25 program proposals. Avoid hyperbole and industry catch phrases that may not be understood by the general public. All text boxes are locked to the sizes stated.

5.         Pay attention. Complete all sections as required. You may NOT be notified if you have left required sections incomplete.

6.         Work smart. You may want to assign one individual to work with the agency overview and budget sections and another to work with the program sections. However, you will want to make sure that the information shared in both sections is consistent, particularly around personnel and staffing of programs.

7.         Complete and submit the application BEFORE the deadline. No late applications will be accepted. Reduce your margin for error by starting early and completing the application prior to the June 13, noon deadline.

Technical Instructions

1.         Enabling Macros after downloading the application. Please see Downloading Instructions (PDF) for complete instructions on how to Enable Macros. Macros must be enable each time you open the application.

2.         Do not attempt to unlock the protected worksheets or change the form in any way. If you are struggling with something call us. It is not necessary to delete sections of the application that are not relevant to your application. Doing so will alter formulas and cause you to have to start over in a new workbook.

3.         Fill in yellow areas. This document is designed to auto fill, particularly the budget and demographic information, and provide consistency of reported numbers throughout various sections. White boxes that have auto filled cannot be altered without going in and altering the information you first entered in yellow.

4.         Respect the worksheets. When printing, print by worksheet section. This will preserve the page numbering within the sections. The individual worksheets are protected, but not the workbook. This has been done to in order to maintain the integrity of the formulas.

5.         Text boxes. Type over the listed character limits. We have added line limits to the explanation of text box limits. If you disregard these limits, all of your text will not be visible when you print.

6.         Copying. You will not be able to use your mouse's right click copy and paste functions to move text from another document into the text boxes. If you are copying from last cycle's application, or any other word or excel document, use "Ctrl C" to copy and "Ctrl V" to paste. If you are having difficulty with this function, try clicking outside of the textbox you are working on. You can copy areas of the application to a blank Excel workbook for other people to work on. We encourage you to test to make sure you're comfortable with the copy/paste function into a blank worksheet and the copy/paste function of yellow cells back into the application. You can only copy/paste YELLOW CELLS back into the application.

7.         System Compatibility. The application has been tested in MS Excel 2000 and MS Excel 2007. If you have questions about system compatibility please contact us.

2015-2016 Application Instructions (full version)


Last Updated: 05/15/2014

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Application Questions?

If you have questions related to the content of the application please call 266-6520 to be directed to a staff person who can answer your question.

On the Q and A section of the site we will be posting questions and answers that may be generally useful to applicants.

Technical Questions?

If you have questions related to the technical aspects of the application please call 266-6520 to be directed to a staff person who can answer your question.  Most issues applicants have experienced are related to the enabling of macros within the workbook. Enable macros after downloading the application. Please see Download Instructions (PDF) for details on how to enable Macros. On the Q and A section of the site we will be posting questions and answers that may be generally useful to applicants.

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