Timeline and Allocations

2014 Fall Timeline

Date* Description
August 8, 2014 Application becomes available on the CDD Funding Opportunities website
August 29, 2014 Application is due at 12:00 pm (noon)
September 19, 2014 Staff recommendations go to Conference Committee
September 22, 2014 Conference Committee meets to hear presentations and finalize recommendations--Madison Senior Center
September 23, 2014 Conference Committee meets to hear presentations and finalize recommendations--Madison Senior Center
October 7, 2014 Conference Committee recommendations are introduced at the Common Council meeting
*Dates subject to change

2014 Fall Funding Staff Recommendations

CDD Staff Recommendations include an array of programming across the city encompassing a variety of projects.  We have $138,000 in funds available.  This includes $38K from projects that declined funds awarded in the Spring EOP cycle.

  • CDD received 36 applications requesting nearly $700,000
  • 14 applications were submitted by organizations not currently receiving funds from CD.  Three of them are being recommended by staff for funding. ( $21,000)   
  • 22 applications were submitted by organizations that are currently receiving other funding from CDD. 4 of these proposals were recommended by staff for funding ( $36,000)  
  • Applications  were submitted by 7 organizations  that would continue activities supported with funds offered through a previous EOP process.   These were generally activities staff believed should be supported until the next 2-year funding cycle.  Six are being recommended for continued funding (totaling $81,000), though in many cases at reduced levels.  One is being referred to the next EOP cycle.   
  • 7 applications ( 19%) were received by organizations led by people of color, of these 5 were recommended by staff  for funding ($42,500 or 31% of funds available )
  • The applications included four strong employment proposals that staff believe CD may be able to support from other funding sources.  Given the shortage of funds available through EOP, staff is recommending considering non EOP funds to support these proposals.

2014 Fall EOP Staff Recommendations


Last Updated: 09/19/2014

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