Timeline and Allocations

2014 Fall Timeline

Date* Description
August 8, 2014 Application becomes available on the CDD Funding Opportunities website
August 29, 2014 Application is due at 12:00 pm (noon)
September 19, 2014 Staff recommendations go to Conference Committee
September 22, 2014 Conference Committee meets to hear presentations and finalize recommendations--Madison Senior Center
September 23, 2014 Conference Committee meets to hear presentations and finalize recommendations--Madison Senior Center
October 7, 2014 Conference Committee recommendations are introduced at the Common Council meeting
*Dates subject to change

2014 Fall Funding CDD Conference Committee Recommendations

On September 23rd the Conference Committee finished hearing presentations from Fall 2014 Emerging Opportunity program applicants and finalized their recommendations to the Common Council regarding the allocation of the $138,000 available in this funding cycle.  (This total is comprised of $100,000 appropriated for the fall 2014 funding cycle plus $38,000 that was rewarded to applicants in the Spring 2014 but returned unused.)

The Conference Committee's recommendations will now be presented to the Common Council through a resolution to be introduced on October 7th.  Final Council action is anticipated on October 21st

In addition to allocating EOP funds, the Conference Committee also identified 5 proposals for employment related programs and projects that members believe could be, and should be, supported using available Community Services funds outside the EOP Program.  These funds (approximately $85,000) have been used to support employment activities but are unallocated for 2015. The proposals recommended to be considered for these funds include the following:

  • Literacy Network: SCALE Program
  • Operation Fresh Start: Options
  • Urban League of Greater Madison: ADVANCE Employment Services, Parent Engagement
  • Worker's Rights Center: Worker Education and Engagement
  • YWCA Madison: Yweb Career Academy

The recommendation to use these funds for the employment proposals will be considered at the next Community Services Committee meeting on October 22, 5:30 pm at the Madison Municipal Building room 300.

This EOP process, like previous ones before it, has generated a very strong response from local organizations.  Requests totaled nearly $700,000. The Fall EOP recommendations reflect a variety of areas of interest and serve a broad range of neighborhoods across the City.  Unfortunately, as in the past, there are a number of quality proposals for which the Committee was unable to offer funds at this time.  We greatly appreciate the time and energy that went into developing these funding requests and participating in our process.

Finally, we would like to thank the members of the Conference Committee for their roles in allocating EOP dollars.


2014 Fall EOP CDD Conference Committee Recommendations


Last Updated: 09/24/2014

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