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WIC partners with the City of Madison to involve women in all job positions, decisions, policies, and functions through advocacy and education.


  • A City workforce where there is equitable distribution of female representation in all levels and job positions of City government.
  • One's ability to succeed, advance, and build a career in City employment is not limited by gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other group status.
  • WIC adds value to the community at large with positive working relationships both within City employment and to the citizens of Madison.


1. Intersectionality. WIC honors that every individual represents a broad range of identities and experiences.


Equity. Fairness and justice should be attainable in all aspects of an individual's life including access to resources, health, opportunities, and choices.
3. Women's Leadership and Empowerment. Women should be able to set their own personal and professional goals and have a fair and just shot at reaching them.
4. Work/Life Balance. WIC supports both career advancement and a fulfilling personal life including health, pleasure, leisure, family, and spiritual development.
5. Community Impact. WIC seeks to create the best environment for City employees by tackling issues that impact both City employees and the community at large.
6. Education. Learning gives City employees the ability to care for themselves and others and support their work/life balance, and reach their full potential.
7. Advocacy. WIC strives to give women and all historically disenfranchised groups a voice.


Members of Women's Issues Committee (WIC) are appointed by the Mayor and are authorized to attend all scheduled meetings.


All permanent employees who have passed their probationary period. Any City employee may seek membership after attending two consecutive meetings.
Meets 4th Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm; CCB Room 108
Agency Department of Civil Rights
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Rm. 523
(608) 266-4910   Email: DCR
Authority Madison General Ordinance (MGO) 33.27
Chair Melissa Gombar Secretary Kathi Hurtgen
Vice Chair Patricia Lauten Treasurer Nancy Crawford
Mission It is the mission of the Women's Issues Committee to actively assist the City in building and sustaining a vibrant, equitable, committed, diverse, engaged, inclusive, informed and safe environment for all City Employees and the Community at Large.


Incumbent Office/Dept Phone
Donna Collingwood Planning & Development 266-4635
Nancy Crawford Parks 266-4711
Gretchen Ede Library 266-6359
Melissa Gombar Civil Rights 266-4910
Kathi Hurtgen Monona Terrace 261-4033
Patricia Lauten Attorney's Office 266-4511
Nancy McCulley Monona Terrace 261-4038
Rukiya Swan Metro Transit  
Liza Tatar Fire 266-4420
Connie Thompson Monona Terrace 261-4030

Not pictured above are: Liza Tatar, Gretchen Ede, and Donna Collingwood