City of Madison employees may use Dane County's Printing & Services for printing needs.

You may use an existing account through your department, or create a new account if necessary. If you have problems creating an account or accessing the website, please contact the Dane County Help Desk at If you have problems with the website, check the Help tab. If you continue to have issues, please call Printing & Services at (608) 266-9040.

Keep In Mind

  1. Please read the short tutorial under the Help tab. It will save you time and possible frustration.
  2. Be sure you know whether your job is Fast Copy or Production. Read the guidelines provided on the home page. If your job is submitted incorrectly, it will be removed and you will be asked to submit it correctly. Production jobs, envelope orders and paper orders are one per order. Fast Copy orders may have multiples jobs added to them.
  3. Please be sure the correct billing code is on your job. City codes begin with a "C" followed by a two-digit number. If you notice a mistake on your monthly billing memos, you will need to follow up with the City Finance office to get it corrected.
  4. Please create and attach PDFs of your originals whenever possible. These will provide the best looking results for your jobs. If you have one job that consists of several PDFs you will need to add each PDF as a separate job. Please explain in the comments how they should be put together. File size limit is 50 MG.
  5. If it is helpful for each person to see all the orders made by everyone in your department, you should consider setting up a shared account for your department, rather than individual accounts. Please indicate your name and contact phone in the comments in this case.

Production Orders

The date required is auto-filled for two weeks after the order date. You may change this date, but please have a good reason for doing so. Dane County Printing & Services asks for this time to insure all requests are completed to the highest quality standard.

Billing info is also auto-filled. This will be the information you provided when you created your account. If you are not given the correct choice in the Division drop down menu on this page, click on “Options” at the top of the page. If you still cannot find what you need, please contact the Dane County Help Desk.

If you are located outside the City-County Building or Madison Municipal Building and normally have your jobs delivered to you, please indicate the delivery location.

Under “Project Info,” you must indicate how to access your original document or sample. Files must be PDFs, and the maximum file size is 50 MG. Original PDF documents will return the best quality.

Please fill in all pertinent information correctly and completely. If any information is missing, you will either not be able to submit your order, or you will receive a phone call from Printing & Services asking for clarification.

  • You must add a paper weight in order to have a choice of colors.
  • Be sure to check the proper boxes if typesetting or finishing options (pad, cut, bind, punch, collate, laminate) are required.
  • Number of originals is equal to the number of printed sides in your document. A single-sided page is one original; a double-sided page is two originals; two double-sided pages plus one single-sided page is five originals. Please be sure to get the number of originals correct and indicate whether you want the job printed one-sided or two-sided.

Fix any errors, add any additional comments or directions, and then click on “Create Printing Request” at the bottom. You will see a notice that your order has been saved and you will receive an email confirming your order.

Fast Copy Orders

While Production Orders must be created for each individual job, Fast Copy allows you to add as many jobs as you want to one order.

The first tab is your information regarding your job. When you finish adding the information for each job, click on the blue “Add to Order” button. Your added job should appear at the top of the screen. If it does not, you have not successfully added the job. When you have added all your jobs, click “Next.”

The second tab has your department/contact info and delivery location, if applicable. Add any additional comments or directions, and then click on “Create Printing Request” at the bottom. You will see a notice that your order has been saved and you will receive an email confirming your order. Note: If this button is not active, the job was not successfully added to the order.

Business Cards

Printing & Services does not currently accept on-line orders for business cards. Please submit these Inter-D on a Business Card Requisition with a sample of the card attached or send via email to


In place of an online print request, forms may also be submitted Inter-D.