The Toolkit is a collection of the tools and services you may need for your daily work.


City Budget Instructions: Capital & Operating

Contact: Christine Koh, Budget & Program Evaluation Manager, (608) 266-4671

Finance Committee

Previously Board of Estimates

City Hall

Government Tools

Attorney Requests

Submit to the City Attorney,

Boards, Commissions & Committees


Facility Maintenance

Meeting Coverage

Stream video of committees and meetings.

Contact: Media Team, Information Technology,, (608) 266-6501

Records Management

Records Management
Leslie Starczewski, Records Manager,, (608) 266-4454


APM 3-6 Records Management Program

Committees & User Groups

City Staff Committees

See MGO 33.27 for more information about City Staff Committees

Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC)​

MAC is charged with addressing issues of concern to City of Madison employees from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Any City employee may seek membership after attending two meetings.
Contact: Binta Ceesay, MAC Chair,

Women's Initiatives Committee (WIC)

WIC addresses gender based inequities in employment with the City of Madison. All permanent employees who have passed their probationary period can join. Any City employee may seek membership after attending two consecutive meetings.

City Employee User Groups

Employee User Groups are open only to current City Employees.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are groups of City Employees linked by a common purpose, ideology, or interest. Affinity Groups play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed. There are a handful of Affinity Groups, click the hyperlinked header to learn more and who to contact to join. 

Contract Group

The Contract Group meets quarterly to discuss contracting policies, templates and issues. Any staff who produce contracts as part of their job duties or want to learn about contracting procedures are welcome to attend.
Contact: Lara Mainella, Office of the City Attorney,, to join the group or its email list.

Data Team

The Data team helps citywide efforts to develop a data management strategy, work on opening government data, and create a performance management system. City Employees interested in manipulating and/or visualizing data are encouraged to attend.
Contact: Kara Kratowicz, Data Projects Coordinator,, (608) 266-4030

GIS Technical Team

The GIS Technical Team is made up of lead GIS technical staff from departments using GIS. Members of the team have significant experience in GIS and provide feedback to IT on system upgrades and enhancements. The team is also used as a mechanism to perform detailed outreach to staff using GIS within departments. The team meets periodically.
Contact: Aaron Cohen, Information Technology,, (608) 261-9261

Latinx Community Engagement Team

All team members are City staff, bilingual in Spanish, with the main goal to support the City agencies in their initiatives to build trust and strong relationships with Spanish-speakers and members of the Latinx community who live and work in the City of Madison. Our ongoing collaboration will give City agencies the support needed when providing services, opportunities, and advocacy to Latinos.
Contact: JoseMaria Donoso, (608) 266-4216

Public Information Officers

The City Public Information Officers and departments involved in public communications meet quarterly to discuss issues pertaining to enterprise-wide communications.
Contact: Katie Crawley, Mayor's Office,, (608) 266-4611

Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative (RESJI)

If your professional and life experiences adds diversity in the workplace, consider joining RESJI. Participation is open to all City of Madison Employees.
Contact: Norman Davis, Civil Rights Director,, (608) 267-8759

Contracts & Purchasing



The Purchasing Department issues bids and requests for proposals and maintains a list of vendors interested in doing business with the City.
Contact: Purchasing Department, (608) 266-4521,

  • Purchasing Guidelines
  • Purchasing Forms
  • Purchasing Card (P-Card)
    Use P-Cards to make low-dollar purchases ($5,000 and under) for official agency business needs, without having to create a purchase requisition prior to buying qualifying items. View P-Card Manual.
  • APM 3-20 Software Acquisition Policy: Under this APM, all departments – including those with internal IT staff - must consult with City IT before budgeting for, procuring, or acquiring any new software. This includes software that is hosted / installed on City servers, vendor-hosted or provided as “software as a service.” This also applies to “Free” software, trial periods or demonstrations. Purchasing and Office of the City Attorney will expect compliance with APM 3-20 prior to doing work on a software procurement or contract.


Customer Service

City Contacts & Locations


  • Document Services Internal resource to provide all agencies access to producing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, advertising materials, website maintenance, software and support, free of charge.
  • Media Team The Media Team provides creative and technical services in: video production, streaming media, still photography, audiovisual services, sound reinforcement, security camera placement, and digital signage.
  • Printing Services Dane County Printing & Services handles printing and copying of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, legal documents, forms, reports and newsletters, is responsible for delivery of inter-department mail and other postal functions for both the City of Madison and Dane County, and runs a vehicle pool for county departments.
  • Public Information Officers (PIOs)The City's PIOs have extensive knowledge of the issues, goals, policies and programs of their assigned agencies. They work hard to achieve transparent, accurate and timely responses to media inquiries and effectively deliver messages and information to residents, businesses, committees, the Common Council, and the Mayor through a variety of outlets.
  • Web Team The Web Team works on print and digital initiatives to make City services more accessible to City staff and Madison residents. The Web Team offers a range of web design and application development services focusing on user interface, user experience, and digital storytelling.

Style Guide

Plain Language



Marketing Policies

Neighborhood Resource Teams

Contact: Tariq Saqqaf,, (608) 266-4611

NRTs play a vital role in the City's efforts to improve and coordinate local government services, promote equity, and improve the quality of life. NRTs are comprised of City staff, who in addition to their respective departmental assignments is a member of these teams serving specified neighborhoods with a population range of 500-2,000.

Racial Equity & Social Justice Initiative

The Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative focuses on eliminating racial and social inequities in municipal government by implementing strategies in three main areas: Equity in City policies and budgets; Equity in City operations; and Equity in the community.




  • Tariq Saqqaf, Equity Coordinator,, (608) 266-6352
  • Donna Collingwood, Assistant Equity Coordinator,

View all upcoming racial equity courses »

Room Reservations

Reserving a Conference Room in Outlook

Conference Room Instructions


Travel & Cars



Fleet manages and administers City cars, including maintenance, vehicle inspection, repair and replacement of vehicles for all City agencies except Water Utility and Metro Transit.

Contact: (608) 246-4540

Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm


Reserve a City Car

City Cars can be used for City business related transportation during normal work hours. Employees who may be required to travel during the course of the day may check out any available City vehicle for this travel, eliminating the need to use a personal vehicle to commute to work.

City Cars should be refueled at one of the City’s fueling sites when less than one quarter tank of fuel remains. Wiper fluid is self-serve at the gas shacks adjacent to the fuel pumps.

Need new wipers or ice scraper? Stop by. Our technicians will be able to assist with wiper replacement at the First Street garage.

APM 2-13 – City Vehicle Driver Policy
Defines policies and procedures relating to the use of City-owned vehicles and privately owned vehicles used for City business.

Reserve an Out-of-Town Car

Contact Fleet to reserve an out-of-town car for City business related transportation outside of Dane County. Mid-size sedans and minivans are available.

Email or call (608) 246-4540.

Once you have made a reservation, pick up your out-of-town car at 4151 Nakoosa Trail. Report to the Visitor Entrance to pick up keys. City employees may choose to leave a personal vehicle in the secure lot. I-Passes are available upon request.

If you need to purchase fuel out of town, keep your receipt and submit it for reimbursement following your department’s procedures. If you encounter any problems on the road, contact Fleet for assistance.

Shop Office: (608) 246-4541

Supervisor On Call (Saturday, Sunday, and After-hours): (608) 444-5785