Our services are available to all City agencies at no charge.

Work We Do

The standard word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications included in the Microsoft Suite are used whenever possible. We do work with many other packages in order to provide you with a quality product. If you are curious as to our capabilities, stop and ask. We will work with you to achieve the desired results for any project.

Scanning Text or Pictures

If you have a clean typewritten document, we can scan it as text and format accordingly. Scanning also works for pictures, drawings, etc. If you have a crisp, black and white picture or clip art that you would like us to insert in the document, instead of manually cutting and pasting, just bring it along and we can scan it in and use it over and over.

Alternative Formats

In order to provide the City the flexibility of alternative formats, we are able to print to a Braille embosser through software that converts documents into the Braille language.


We observe strict rules of confidentiality at all times. If you have any specific requests or concerns regarding this, please contact Document Services.

Submit a Request

Request Form

Submit a request to Document Services. You will receive an email confirmation.


If you wish to email your request to Document Services, please include:

  • Deadline (date and time)
  • Agency
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  • Additional Instructions: file names, websites, special formatting