Last Updated: 08/10/2017

New Fire Station

Fire Station 14, located near the intersection of Dairy Drive and Femrite Drive in Madison, Wisconsin, will provide space to house, up to a double company and medical unit. A community room with adjoining toilet room will be programmed for staff and public use. The building will be approximately 20,000 SF and the target construction cost is approximately $5,600,000.

This fire station will include a larger community room and an expanded indoor area to conduct Recruit PAT’s (Physical Ability Test), Incumbent Standards and other training evolutions.  Integrating a larger community space into the Fire Station 14 design addresses deficiencies in the area and brings opportunities for community meetings, engagement, education, fire prevention, health services (community paramedicine), and more to be brought into the community. In addition, the Madison Fire Department currently does not have dedicated space for recruit testing, incumbent standards or training evolutions. The lack of dedicated space for training, Recruit PAT’s, Standards evaluations increases operational costs to the Madison Fire Department and has resulted in legal issues when hiring new recruits and evaluating existing employees.

UPDATE: July 19, 2017

Project History:

July 12, 2017 File #47459
Urban Design Commission approval of plans.

City User Agency:  Madison Fire Department
Planning and Design: 2017
     Jan. 2017: In final contract negotiations with the architect to start design.
     Feb 2017: Hired OPN Architects and KJWW Engineering to design fire station.
     Feb 2017: Hired McKinstry for energy modeling and commissioning to meet LEED requirements for fire station.
     Feb. – April 2017: Completed Pre-Design – site plan, programming and floor plan.
     April – June 2017: Completed Schematic Design – refined floor and site plans and developed building form and elevations.
Construction: Early 2018
Expected Completion: Late 2018

LEED Goals:  LEEDv3 New Construction – target is LEEDNCv3 Silver

Preliminary Exterior Design of Proposed Fire Station 14 : UPDATED JUNE 14, 2017
(subject to change during the next phase of the design process)


Project History:

July 12, 2017  File #47459
Urban Design Commission approval of plans.

June 30, 2017
Engineering Q2 Update to Mayor Soglin, Common Council Alders

June 7, 2017  File #47459
The project architect, OPN Architects, provided an informational presentation to the City of Madison Urban Design Commission.

May 8, 2017
Public Informational Meeting held at Fire Station 5.  The project architect, OPN Architects, presented a short overview and key staff from the Fire Department and City Engineering along with Alder Denise DeMarb were available to answer questions about the project.

May 2, 2017 File #46803
Permission to design an expanded Fire Station 14 building (20,000 SF vs. 14,000 SF) that includes a larger community room and an expanded indoor area to conduct Recruit PAT’s (Physical Ability Test), Incumbent Standards and other training evolutions.

April 17, 2017
Pre Design Report from OPN Architects

April 4, 2017
Engineering Q1 Update to Mayor Soglin, Common Council Alders

March 21, 2017  File#46224
Permission to request a SAFER Grant (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) for staffing Fire Station 14

February 7, 2017  File #45664
Architect Authorization of Purchase of Service Contract

November 2016
2017 Capital Budget Amendments (Page 1,12,13 Covers Fire Station 14)

November 18, 2016 Alder DeMarb's Updates
Update for District 16 regarding Fire Station 14

February 24, 2015 File #36850
Resolution passed for Architect/Engineer Master Site Planning Design Services

February 19, 2015 Public Meeting
Community stakeholders wanted public space in the building. The building will be designed to include a community room.