Related Projects

The John Nolen Drive road and bridge improvements will be a large project, however, they also intersect with a number of related projects also going on in different City agencies. Each of the related projects may have separate public information meetings, studies, plans and contacts. 

  • Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge 
  • Lake Monona Drive Waterfront (2019-2020)
  • Tenney Park Lagoon Shoreline Replanting (August 2018-Spring 2021)
    • Replanting/clean-up of the park done by the City of Madison Parks Division and Engineering Division. Madison has been awarded FEMA funding to help fix parts of Tenney park that were damaged after the flooding in 2018.
    • This project impacts Tenney Park on East Johnson Street
  • 300 block of W Wilson Bike and Road Construction (2019-2023)
    • They City of Madison Engineering Division is planning on replacing utilities, improving street infrastructure, and reconstructing portions of W. Wilson Street and S. Broom Street.
    • This project impacts W. Wilson St. between S. Broom St. and S. Henry St.; S. Broom St. between John Nolen Dr. and W. Doty St.
  • Anderson Street Resurfacing and Reconstruction (January 2020-September 2020)
    • The City of Madison Engineering Division resurfaced the street, replaced existing pavement and storms sewers, as well as installed new sidewalks and bike facilities.
    • This project impacts Anderson Street from Wright Street to North Stoughton Road.
  • Atwood Avenue Reconstruction (2016-2025, possibly earlier if the City process, budget allows)
    • The City of Madison Engineering Division reconstructed curb, gutter, and sidewalk, adding new multi-use paths with curb ramps, replacing storm sewers sanitary sewers and water mains, adding new streetlights pavement markings and signs.
    • This project impacts Atwood Avenue from Cottage Grove Road to South Fair Oaks Avenue.
  • Lower Badger Mill Creek Pond Bike, Road Construction (March 2021-2022)
    • The City of Madison Engineering Division proposed construction of detention basins, as well as discussing plans for expanding the Hill Creek Park.
    • This project impacts North of Mid Town Road and East of Meadow Road
  • Melvin Court and Ridgeway Avenue Resurfacing with Utilities (May 2021-October 2021)
    • The City of Madison Engineering Division is going to resurface parts of Melvin Court and Ridgeway Avenue, and replace sanitary sewer main and laterals and install new storm sewers, also working on the curb, gutter, driveways aprons and sidewalks.
    • This project impacts Melvin Court from E Washington to the north end and Ridgeway Ave from Melvin Court to the west end.
  • West Washington Avenue Resurfacing (Spring 2021-November 2021)
    • The City of Madison Engineering Division plans to replace pavement, water mains, sewer mains, storm sewers, and install pedestrian street lighting and a protected intersection for pedestrians and bikes, and replacing curbs, gutters, drive aprons, and sidewalks.
    • This project impacts West Washington Ave between Bedford and Broom Street; South Bassett Street between West Washington Avenue and West Main Street.
  • Wingra Park Path Replacement (2021)
    • This City of Madison Parks Division project replaced the path that goes all the way through Wingra Park, off of Monroe Street.
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