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Winner - Best Tasting Water in Wisconsin, 2013 WWA State Fair competition

What does sustainability mean to you? At Madison Water Utility, it means improved leak detection, renewing our water infrastructure, and public outreach and education. It means preserving water quality through our wellhead protection program. And it means considering future generations in every decision we make.



Our Project H2O Advanced Metering Infrastucture (AMI) system allows Madison Water Utility to receive frequently updated usage data, helping us spot large leaks and plumbing problems. Some 200 residential customers have been alerted to major water leaks so far thanks to Project H2O. Eventually, customers will be able to track their day-to-day usage online, giving them the tools they need to conserve.


MWU employee works to place new water pipeline

When a water main breaks, it doesn't just mean an expensive and sometimes time-consuming repair. It also means the loss of high-quality drinking water. That's why our major goal over the next several decades is the rebuilding and renewing of our massive water infrastructure.


Kids get water from the Water Wagon

Our Water Wagon is a pretty fun way to get water. But it's a lot more than that. The Water Wagon is a hands-on mobile teaching tool that we bring to community events and schools across Madison. It gets the attention of kids and adults alike and has been a great way to open a dialogue about the value of water and the importance of conservation.


A look at Unit Well 9 and standpipe

Ensuring that future generations will have access to high quality water is our top priority. Through our Wellhead Protection Program, we work with the city to restrict future land uses that could lead to contamination of the water entering our wells. Protecting our groundwater requires the combined efforts of many entities, from regulatory agencies to individual customers and businesses.


Believe it or not, Madison's total water use has dropped significantly over the last two decades, even as our population continues to grow. But there's always room for improvement. Check out our toilet rebate program or take a look at tips on how you can conserve both inside your home and outside when caring for your lawn and garden. When it comes to sustainability, it falls to all of us to be good stewards of our resources. Our children and grand children will thank us.




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